Second lletz

Hi all. I had my second lletz procedure today under GA. When I have my first one in Jan this year I had some discomfort after but this time round I'm in a lot more pain. Had anyone else had more than one lletz procedure and found second time round to be more painful. Many thanks Emma Oct 16 - pap smear. Pervious two normal. Nov - abnormal cells. Colposcopy copy and punch biopsies taken. Results CIN3 Jan 17- lletz under GA Results no clear margins CGIN March-17 second lletz Awaiting results

Hi emma

ive had three treatments since last summer and each has been quite different in regards to the discomfort and amount of bleeding. 

The first one was worst for cramps, the second one I bled a lot, and the third the discomfort lasted much longer. 

Id say dont worry too much unless you feel like you may have an infection and of course follow their guidelines. 

Hope you feel brighter soon. 

Thank you for replying. I feel a bit better than I did yesterday but still not right. Worst part is waiting for the results isn't it. 

Did you get clear margins after your third treatment?

Many thanks

Emma x