Second LLETZ yesterday

Yesterday I went for my colposcopy appointment. While there they confirmed cell changes and went right ahead with the LLETZ treatment.

This is my second LLETZ. I was told yesterday that my previous treatment in 2010 was for CIN 3. Nobody had told me that before. Just waiting now for my biopsy results.

We really want to have another child at some point. I remember my midwife in my last pregnancy asking if I’d had two or more LLETZ. So im a. It concerned about why that’s asked now that I’ve had two?

Hi Heather, I don’t know a huge amount about this. I had my first lletz back in May and I felt like they didn’t communicate things very well.

They mentioned that having one lletz procedure doesn’t really affect pregnancy. But they suggested that if you have more, it can increase the chances of having an early labour, which scared me and felt like the Dr wasn’t very sensitive.

After reading some more about this (i think it’s in the leaflet as well) I think the chances are still quite low. But because your cervix is weakened through the lletz procedure, it increases the risk a small amount. I am no expert and I hope this helps a little but it might be worth speaking to a Dr if you’re worried :blush:


I’m booked in for a second LLETZ soon and the oncologist consultant who spoke with me earlier at my appointment said that having a second one basically shortens the cervix increasing the risks of pre term birth, she said I would be in the pre term birth category and to let any midwife know that I’ve had two LLETZ procedures if I decided to have more children in the future.

I’m 32 and have a gorgeous 15 year old already but would love another one down the line.

I had my appointment at the clinic today and found out I had microinvasive cancerous cells which had been removed with my first LLETZ but needing another one to ensure clear margins.

Hope your results are positive xx