Second Lletz showing CGIN/unclear margins

Hi everyone, 


this is is the first time I have posted here and this is going to be long so please bare with me. So I made the stupid mistake of putting off my smear test till I was 29. They found cin 1/2 and CGIN. This has resulted in me requiring a lettz procedure in March, following this it was found that they did not get clean margins and I ended up having to get another Lletz done in May. I had not heard anything and had chased them up a few times and was told on the phone yesterday that they still did not get clean margins. 


The nurse i spoke with has explained that there is a big meeting tomorrow where my case will be getting discussed, then they will contact me to let me know what they recommend. I stupidly started reading and saw the word hysterectomy getting used. 


Now, to make this even more complicated we found out a month or so ago that my husband and I are going to need IVF to conceive, we have been trying for almost 2 years and I am currently losing weight to get the referral sent through. I am now absolutely terrified about what is going to happen. I am so frightened that this will be another hurdle to us having children and I can't stand the thought of a hysterectomy at 30. 


Can anyone share some some positive stories or even give me any comfort? I've never been so scared about what might happen and I can't stop my brain from thinking horrible things. I know that I need to wait till tomorrow to find out what's happening but any comfort you guys can give me would be amazing. 


Thank you xx

Hi, I'm not sure how much comfort I can be but I am in a similar situation. I also have CGIN and am having my second LLETZ next Wednesday. I think some people have had LLETZ more than twice and although hysterectomy might be offered as an option, there are other options that could mean you can still have kids. I'm not sure what it is called but you can have your cervix removed and still have children. was hysterectomy mentioned on the letter or did you google? Sorry if I'm not much help, let us know how you get on.

Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry you are going through this as well, it's a horrible experience. 


I was was reading this forum, I haven't been told anything at all about what the options are going to be and my imagination is running wild. Especially since we have been so desperate for children for the past 2 years almost. I just need to wait for a call from the consultant or charge nurse, then I'll know what's to happen. I'm just not very good at waiting in these circumstances. 

I hope this second one is your last! 



I hope it's my last too. Yes the waiting is the worst! Fingers crossed for us both.