Second Lletz procedure in 15 months

Had my 2nd Lletz procedure yesterday, feeling tired and emotional today. Felt dismissed by a busy doctor who, when I told her I'd had pelvic pain, random bleeding, discharge, blood in my urine and backache, said I should just get rid of my coil as that would probably be the problem, which had previously to my first Lletz, given me no problems for 6 years. No reassurance about all the symptoms that I was so concerned could point to cancer, just a bored dismisssal and annoyance that I wanted to continue with the same method of contraception. Dreading my results and worrying that even if they're clear, there is something worse going on that no-one's interested in! Not shared any of this with family or friends as I think I sound so dramatic, but having read the posts on here, I feel 'allowed' to be scared and worried about this situation. Also, finding out that my auntie had a hysterectomy due to cancer a few years ago, and watching my dad go through bowel cancer last year has brought everything so much closer to home. Hopeful that my results don't take too long.

Allow yourself to feel emotional and be kind to yourself, it might be a quick procedure but it takes it's toll along with all the worry and the waiting for results. Have you told your own gp about the symptoms or was it the doc that did the lletz? I would go to your gp and discuss it with him, don't think you're being dramatic, if you don't feel things are right then you are better to get checked out, worry only about yourself and not what anyone else might think, including dismissive doctors. I've had 2 lletz within 12 months so I know how that feels. Hopefully someone who has experience of the coil will come along and advise you on that, for now anyway spoil yourself a bit to try feel better.


I'm really sorry to hear what you've had to go through. They should have been much more sympathetic with you and listened to your fears and concerns. I'd recommend trying to get a second opinion or speaking to one of the nursing team - I found the nurses to be very sympathetic. Or try your GP again and demand a referral.

Others may have better advice on me about getitng heard by doctors, I'm afraid i don't have much advice. But I think having a sympathetic hearing would really help have your mind put at rest.

Good luck, I hope you get some good news xx