Second Lletz procedure and wanting another baby

Hi everyone

Completely new to this site but I am reaching out to anyone who may have had a similar story or may have any helpful input.

I was diagnosed with HPV 16 and I had developed to Cin1 8 years ago this then followed with a Lletz procedure.

My question is- Has anyone gone through the experience where you’ve had a second Lletz procedure but were still able to carry a baby to term with the cervix being so short?

I had a baby 14 months ago and have been having my regular checkups from diagnosis right through pregnancy and have been in the clear right up until July of last year. My Gynae in the public sector here in Australia has just told me as of 1 week ago I am now at Cin3 and apparently she mentioned this to me in our meeting last July that I was high grade but I can assure you she did not mention this (I think I would remember such information)
So here I am faced with now another Lletz procedure and the realisation hitting me like a ton of bricks that I will likely no longer be able to have any more children as my risk of losing my boy was high even during that pregnancy and actually came early at 36/40. I already require a cervical suture placed on my cervix at 14 weeks to prevent preterm birth as it is, which is what enabled me to have him!

The saddest feeling really is not being able to give my little one a sibling not so much me needing to have a second child. And yes I know I am incredibly lucky to have him and I am so grateful for him but it doesn’t make things any easier on me or my husband. (I am 29)

Thanks for reading xo

Hi Anabanana,

Welcome to the forum. First of all congratulations on your baby boy :). And I’m so sorry to hear that you find yourself in these treatments again I understand it must feel very difficult. I don’t have the answers that you specifically asked for, but maybe some useful information instead.

From what you wrote, I understand you had some kind of cervical stitch put in place during pregnancy, maybe through the vagina? I know something about the shortening of the cervix and the possible options to preserve fertility, because those options were explored during my treatment path. If the cervix is even more shortened due to several LETZ treatments, there is still a treatment option of a permanent stitch put in place laparoscopically (the last part of the cervix is inside you in a way that the stitch cannot be sewn from the vagina). In my treatment for adenocarcinoma, which unfortunately ended with a hysterectomy, these options to save the uterus were explored very carefully, and the gyno oncologists put together a provisional plan for me. They said that the remaining healthy cervix lenght would have had to be about 1 cm in order for this procedure (‘simple trachelectomy’, although the doctors didn’t agree on the procedure name hehe) to have been possible. The lenght can be estimated via ultrasound.

So, please have a look at the permanent stitch (cervical cerclage), if I remember correctly there is info online if you look for it. And please do let your team know very clearly that you still want a baby. Further on, if it comes to any very difficult decision, if I were you I would just make sure that the treatment was being suggested by someone who is aware of these fertility saving options, because not all specialists and hospitals do it. Finally I must say I’m not from Australia and not aware how it works there, but please talk to your team, look for answers, and don’t give up before all the options have really been explored :). Best of luck to you!

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I just wanted to empathise with you as I was about to start trying for my second baby when I found out I had CIN3. I had a lletz 2 weeks ago. I want to try for another baby before I miss my chance. I’m worried I won’t ever get the all clear and won’t ever get an opportunity.

My GP keep telling me to wait wait wait because if a pregnancy ever clashes with a smear being due they just tell me to wait as they won’t smear during pregnancy. I’m worried if I wait for a complete all clear then that will never happen. I was due a smear and wanted to try to conceive, they refused to do one before I started trying so I paid privately and that’s where my CIN3 was found. They kept telling me you have to wait for your smear and don’t get pregnant so I paid to have it done early privately. Now im due a follow up smear 6 months post lletz and they are telling me to wait again and not get pregnant. It’s frustrating not knowing what your options will be. Xx

Thank you for this feedback Stepper, I have not heard of this permanent stitch you mentioned… the one I had has to be put in at the 14 week pregnant mark and then removed again at 36 weeks, so only a temporary one.

I now have an appointment with King Edwards Memorial hospital at the start of April so I will have the chance to talk through my options with them then. They specialise in high risk pregnancies and early preterm births and placed the cervical cerclage in when I was pregnant with my son so I will see how we go come April, hoping something good comes from the appt.

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Hi Asc,

That does sound very frustrating.
Have you only had one Lletz procedure in total?
I can understand they are likely just looking out for your best interests, you want to be healthy before trying for another baby as you don’t want to risk it developing into cervical cancer which is currently the situation I am in.
I’m not ready for a second baby just yet but they want me to have another procedure which may take away what little chance I have left of another in future

Hiya, no so I’ve had one lletz and that’s all I need for now. It was all removed. The consultant who did my lletz said trying for a pregnancy was fine but my follow up at 6 months would be delayed. Which makes me incredibly nervous. And then my GP has basically told me not to get pregnant and to wait for the follow up.

My concern is that theres no guarantee I will be HPV negative and/or won’t have developed any new abnormal cells come my follow up in 6 months. If I waited to have a pregnancy until after that I may never get the all clear and might just keep getting told to wait. If I had more abnormal cells by that point they might want to monitor them and might advise me not to have a pregnancy. And if I god forbid, needed another lletz at that point if I’d had new severe cell changes then it would delay me having another baby indefinitely.

I have no idea when the right time is with all of this uncertainty.