Second lletz and treatment

Hi ladies I've never joined a forum in my life before, but I feel so stressed out. On Tuesday I went to the colposcopy and had to have a second lot of lletz done after a year from my last one it wasa shock and was hoping I would have the all clear. I'm 27 not had children and I'm scared this will carry on and I won't be able to hold a baby. Has anyone on here had a second lot done and had a success story that they could share to cheer me up?

also I have lots of water coming out of me and (sorry tmi) it has a really unpleasant smell could it be infected? I got infected last time.


look forward to your replies 




I had treatment Tuesday too. Was my second but my first treatment was 11 years ago. I already have 2 kids but they did ask if I wanted more. No! He said not to get pregnant soon and if I did in the future there may be more chance of premature birth. I know I only had 1 treatment when I had both my boys but I had no complications. I would say go to the doctors to check infection as you may need antibiotics to clear it up. Hope I've helped in a small way x  

You have thank you... Hope your feeling ok after your second treatment. Glad you had healthy boys. Gives me a lot of hope. 

I've managed to get doctors appointment at 3.30 today so hopefully will get some antibiotics.

bless us