Second LLETZ after second CIN3 result within 6 months

Hi everyone, 

I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some support after being through the same thing, or any words of advise.

I have no previous gynecological issues, and was shocked to get a high grade severe dyskaryosis smear result in November 2018 (I've since found out this isnt as uncommon as I thought). Biopsy confirmed this, and I had my first lletz procedure (medium loop) which was successful. Margins were clear except for some CIN2 at the front, which I was told would have been destroyed when the wound was sealed.

I was told that having further issues would be very rare, so when I had my test of cure a few weeks ago, I was optimistic that it would be fine and that it was just procedure. 

I was distraught when the result letter came with CIN3 again, as well as HPV (which I'm assuming was also present first time round too). 

I had my second lletz procedure a few days ago, and another medium loop excision was taken. I was so upset that I can barely remember anything that the nurse said to me before during or after the procedure, I couldnt stop crying. 

I'm wondering how common this is to have new CIN3 cells reoccurring so quickly and what it means for my future. I have no children yet and I'm considering ending my marriage as I feel selfish to prevent my husband from having kids.

My thoughts are very dark at the moment and I'm in a really bad place

It can happen but it may be that the cells were left over from before as the margins weren't fully clear. Most likely this second lletz will have completely cleared it. Try not to let your thoughts run away with you. Hpv is very common but you should eventually clear it. You can do things to help by boosting your immune system, take a multivitamin with folic acid, apparently green tea is good, try to reduce stress (easier said than done I know). I also stopped taking hormonal contraception as wanted my body to be as natural as possible. So many people have had this and you would even know. Definitely no need to end your marriage over it, it's not your fault and odds are hugely in your favour that you will be cured now x

Every case seems to be pretty different so I'm not in the exact same position, but I am going in for my second LEEP 6 weeks after the first. When my Gyne doctor was doing the first procedure she remarked that she could not visualize one margin and right then I figured I would likely not have clear margins. 


My results after the first LEEP were CINIII with a clear endocervical cutterage. So I was relieved that it was not cancer, but worried about the area that the doctor was not able to see, and was not included in the biopsy that was sent out for testing. At my two week follow up appointment I discussed my concerns with my doctor and she said a second leep seems reasonable considering the fact that there may be a spot that was completely untested, and said she would do another leep on the spot that was not fully resected last time. So, here I am, waiting for LEEP number 2 only 6 weeks after number one. 


I too am struggling with this diagnosis and saddened by the idea that a hysterectomy OR cancer are now things I need to wonder whether are in my near future. I also don't have kids and my relationship ended last year. So at 37 years old, I feel like my choices are limited in that respect. 


But it's not the end of the world. I don't have cancer and neither do you. What other chioce do we have but to endure our reality the best we can. Find your support people. I personally started talking about my issues with close friends, and it turns out that two of them also had LEEP procedures. It's a fairly common experience, and probably not much talked about due to the stigma associated with our diagnosis. But the more open I was, the more support I recieved from the poeple who have been there. 


I wish you good luck and strength, my friend. 

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