Second llets to look forward to not

Hi everyone last year wanted to have smear test a bit early as didn’t feel right down there. Doctors said am due for on in September 20 .
Months later was feeling very sore painful sex still had smear test came back abnormal and hpv
Got letter in December for hospital to look at cervix in January 6th 21 for colposcopy they did biopsy got results weeks later was cin2 cin3 booked for loop in April 28 had that done and waiting now 8 weeks for results has it went to the MDT in June this month then today just got letter to say they going to do the loop let as I have endo margins when they did the loop thing in April they took a big bit of my cervix now they going to dig deeper.
I have pains in my pubic bone area and sharp pains that when they grip me I cannot walk think the loop thing has done some damage

Hi, this is the first time I’ve posted but I’ve been reading everyone’s experiences. I had abnormal cells following a smear in Dec 19. Had a colposcopy and biopsy in Feb 20, which was not a great experience. Had a repeat smear in Dec 20 and immediately called for a LLETZ. Had a long recovery, been discussed in a MDM and now recalled for another LLETZ! Which I’m really anxious about. I’ve also been experiencing some sharp pains in my left side since the procedure, which make me double over in pain, and I’m waiting to discuss this before I have it done again. Have you spoken to anyone?

Hi thanks for your reply
No I haven’t told my doctor as it comes and goes but I will make an appointment to tell doctor as sometime the pain is really bad I cramp up when walking and get bad pubic bone pains like when I was pregnant having my kids many moons ago as now been in my menapause
After the first llets I bled for about 4 weeks and even though they numb your cervix I have a uncomfortable tugging as the loop was cutting through it and made me feel sick .

I would definitely mention it, better to be safe!
I’m sorry to hear that it was an uncomfortable experience, it’s certainly not something they fully tell you all the details about x

Hi I had my second lletz 14/8/21 the first one 28/4 21 was a bit painful but got through that but on the second one I14/8/21they had to have a deeper lletz done as no clear margins from fiste lletz back in April, just having the needle injuection go up deep in the cervix was painful then the cut was worse than before and then heard the doctor say I have a squirter he couldn’t find where I was bleeding and trying to seal the bleeding was very painful wish I was knocked out, ends up that I have three squirting blood vessels he was trying to seal off there
was a lot of blood I had four injections to numb the cervix that felt like it didn’t get numb am left crying doctor apologies three time and said that they need to go deeper with this lletz am left traumatised if I have to have it a third time I want to be knocked out.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a terrible experience. I had my second lletz 10/8/21 with local injections and with gas and air. My first back in April was under general because of my anxiety and history of bleeds.
I would definitely talk to someone about how your feeling, your recovery and your next appointment. I’m sure if you need to, they can look at your history and offer you the procedure under general. But obviously the best outcome will hopefully be that you won’t need any further, fingers crossed for you! And if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain doctor, you can ask to see someone else. This is what I did after a traumatic first experience. Sending you lots of well wishes

Hi I have been bleeding for 4 weeks now just this week bleeding has stopped and have just got results from the second lletz that I had 14/8/21 and says I have cin1 now and will get smear test in 6 months time just wish it was clear after 2 lletz with cin3 now cin1 and to be checked