Second lettz in 6 months

Hi, I am new to the site and this is my first post.

October 2014 my smear test showed high risk Hpv and mild cell changes, so I had a colposcopy that actually showed cin 2 so the consultant did the lettz treatment in November 2014. I got a bad infection that took 2 months to clear up. Biopsy confirmed cin 2

Then on my 6 monthly smear (April)  it came back negative but a positive hpv again. So yesterday I went for a second colposcopy, the consultant said it was just a precaution and he had removed all of the cells in November so it would be fine. He then did the colposcopy and was surprised to find more cells :( he took more of the cervix and deeper down. He did a biopsy to see exactly whats going on. This time he didn't say which cin it was as he said he needs biopsy results first! 


Has anybody else had 2 treatments in 6 months? 

I am so scared and worried, especially as the smear test was negative! I wonder how many of my smears were negative when there was effected cells present. 

Thank you for reading xx 


Hi. I have had three treatments over 3 years, the last two at six months interval. It’s not common, but it can happen. Usually they will give you up to three treatments depending on what’s left of your cervix. Treatments are 95% successful, so if the first hasn’t worked, there is still a high likelihood the second will. Good luck. I hope you get the all clear soon.

Thank you so much for your reply and I am so sorry that you've  gone through it 3 times in 3years! 

I really felt positive this time around and so did the consultant! 

What happens after 3 treatments? He did warn me there isn't enough cervix left to deliver a baby. X 

You’ll need to discuss this with your consultant. It will depend on your medical history and family situation. In my case, hysterectomy.

They were considering that for my endometriosis anyway so I'm thinking thats the route they will take. I just hope I get some answers soon xx