Second leep

I am new to this forum and am hoping it brings me peace of mind. I have been dealing with dysplasia for almost 4 years. Getting paps every 3-6 months. Colposcopies every 2nd abnormal pap with biopsies Twice now it has found CIN 2. I had a leep 3 years ago with clear margins and confirmation on cin 2. Just got my results for my last colp biopsy and cin 2 is back ki67 positive (not shocked). I am waiting to be booked for my LEEP - wait time approx 4-6 weeks. My gyno is wonderful and knows I have severe health anxiety and always fear the worst. My biggest anxiety from reading experiences on other forums and reading online is that this Leep will show something much more sinister. Almost as though cancer can hide behind dysplasia and be undetected in just punch biopsies. I have been vigilant and done everything since my first abnormal pap as they have advised. But still fear is debilitating. Can anyone help offer some encouragement or insight
I appreciate you all so much - and everyone’s personal story.