second cone biopsy


I have my second cone biopsy tomorrow almost a year after my first cone biopsy procedure. Slightly relieved as I was expecting a hysterectomy as a next step if abnormal cells were found. I'm now wondering if this is common and can anyone tell me what to expect as I've read a few stories about excessive bleeding.

Weirdly I feel quite calm about the operation as that seems to be the easy bit, the hard bit is waiting for results which usually sends me crazy. Also, for both my loop and cone biopsy, physically I felt ok after a few days but mentally I felt exhausted so I have learnt to take it easy and not rush back to work.







Hi Lynsey,

Can't talk for cone biopsies but I've had two LLETZ - one for CIN 3 and the other for CIN 3 & CC. The second LLETZ seemed to knock me a bit more than my first one, mentally more than anything. However I think that's because the 2nd time CC was mentioned so it changed things in my head a bit. One thing I will say, is that I had a 3 weeks off work. I have a phyical and demanding job and I knew I wouldn't be mentally ok to do it while I was waiting for my results. Luckily I got mine within 5 days but the dr still signed me off because I got an infection and was still very teary (think it was the fear of it being CC and then my scans coming back clear being relief - leaves your head a bit mashed!).

Just take it easy and make sure you give yourself enough time off work and away from stress to get yourself together afterwards. Also remember not to shut people out around you who want to help (even if you do just want to be left alone), they only want to help and are worried :)

Take care and hope it all goes well, Lucy x

Thanks Lucy,

You're right the mental state of mind can definitely be harder to deal with and telling the people you love is hard too as in my case I'm trying not to make people worry. I have got better at letting people in but only as I've got better at dealing with it myself. I think it's the fear of people seeing you vulnerable.

Op went ok and in a little pain and discomfort but back home which is good. I'll just take it day by day I think and see how I get on, but good signs so far. Thanks for the advice.

Now the hard bit....the wait.

Lynsey x