Second Colposcopy

Hi Everyone,


I had my smear test in March and had abnormal cell with HPV positive. I had colposcopy and biopsy en of April. During colposcopy, the consultant said a large area of cervix shows cell changes and she doesn’t want to remove a large part of my cervix as I am 30 and have no children so I didn’t get any treatment. She also said that she is not expecting bad news from lab results and I will get my lab results in 4-6 weeks time. After two weeks I received an appointment letter to go back to colposcopy clinic without any covering letter explaining why I need to go back. I phoned the clinic and the nurse said she is not clinically trained to give me any further information. Anyway I am really worried now and was wondering if this has happened to any of you girls?



Thank you

Hiya. Didn't wanna read and run. Hasn't happened to me, but the area may not have been as big as expected so they are able to remove it? Try stay positive till you know what our dealing with hin xx