Second colposcopy

12months ago I had a colposcopy and they took a biopsy which came back Hpv high risk and CIN1 and was in a lot of pain after which still hasn’t gone away but has eased. I’m scared because I’m working the day after which isn’t too bad as it’s only a reception shift but then the day after I’m on a housekeeping (in a hotel)shift which requires me to run around yet last time I had it done I could barley walk because of the pain… :,( and I also bled for 2 weeks which smelt of that stuff that they use to burn the cervix so it doesn’t bleed so much. Sometimes even now but there’s no infection or anything.

I’m really scared in case I get pain again as I’m prob gonna need to take a week off work which I don’t really want to do :,(. I need some advice asap as I feel like cancelling my appointment. If I do get agonising pain again is it worth having a day off work or just go in and suffer? It just seems stupid to me to have a day off for this kind of thing but the last one I had was agony :,(.