Second colposcopy post 6month smear test after lletz/high risk hpv

Hi all 


So I had my 6 month smear after lletz.... Got the results today.... High risk hpv (still) and low grade dyskaryosis :-( I've got to have another colposcopy and possibly another lletz 


I'm devastated.... So scared that I'll have to have more treatment and can't then have more kids 

Can you get rid of HPV? How can I help my body do this 


I'm on holiday atm and have to keep running loo to cry 




I had the same happen on my 6 month smear after 1a1. Mild changes. But had a colposcopy.  He couldn't see anything. Results came back clear just a mild hpv.  Just had 1 year smear.... ALL clear. Normally if mild changes they will have a look but won't treat anyway. Just recheck in 6 months. And if like mine..... body sorts itself out. I heard green tea has benefits. I drink 2 cups a day. Might be a load of bs but doesn't hurt!

Try not to worry and ENJOY your hols x

Thank you for the reply.... When they did the colposcopy did they do biopsies?  I'm adamant after an incredibly bad experience with my last lletz (not enough local and caterising machine breaking mid procedure) that I'll only have biopsies or lletz under Ga not la (which the hospital has agreed to)


I'm wondering what's the point of me going for colposcopy if they aren't going to be able to biopsies..... Surely they will put the die on, say yes there is abnormal cells (as the smear has already shown) and then get me back in to do biopsies under ga?  should I call them and see if they will arrange a date to do both under ga?  It seems pointless going for just colposcoy and that can't determine what the cells are any more than the smear I've already had, and surely will just show them where the cells are..... Seems like a very prolonged way of doing it xx 

Yeah I had biopsies at each lletz. I didn't find the biopsies painful. Hated the lletz more! Just go, they might not see anything like at mine and they will just do a biopsy (doesn't hurt) or nothing at all x

The thing is I don't think I'd even be able to agree to biopsies without knocking Me experience with lletz was so bad that it left me having panic attacks,  just going for my 6 month smear sent Me into a spiral.... I think I could cope with colcoscopy but not biopsies while awake :(..... Which means whole process will be delayed if I need biopsies (which with high risk hpv I can't see me not) .... I'd rather them knock me out, do colcoscopy and biopsies at same time to save time and to prevent me stressing. I stressed so much about the smear that I started spotting the day before...if that happens with the colposcopy appointment they won't be able to do anything at all anyway :-( 

Hi Claire,

I am in the repeat CIN club too. It is awful. You would think that it would be easier second time around, knowing the drill so to speak, but I have had really bad anxiety over it. Is there anything you GP could prescribe to relax you for when they do the biopsies? I am waiting to hear my biopsy results, and if they are as suspected the nurse has said I will need a GA this time. I am petrified at the idea of being knocked out, I don't know why. It is always worth a call to your consultant to agree a plan. Big hugs xx 

Hiya love 


YeStory I think that I'm going to go to the gp to ask when I get back from holidays.... Though last time they were pretty useless and told me to man up and await the results :-( really unhelpful 


I spoke to the nurse at,I have appointment on 14th for colposvopy.... She said it might just be the cells healing, but doubt it as when I had the smear she said my cervix looked healed completely 

..and the residence of high risk hpv worries me 


They won't offer me a ga for biopsies outright, said I'd have to discuss that with whoever does colposcopy 


I dunno....keep bursting into tears, feel like I have ruined kids holiday stressing.


I hope your biopsies come back quick love, and aren't what the nurse suspected 


Can I aso how painful.was biopsies in comparison to the lletz?