Second Colposcopy in 3years.


When I was 19 I started bleeding after having sex, after almost a year of being told it was just hormonal changes I was finally sent to have a colposcopy where they found pre-cancerous cells, which were removed using a laser.

3years down the line and the bleeding is back, being refered for yet another Colposcopy at 21years old. Although a smear test came back recently with no strange cells, I still have HPV and the smear test I had 3years ago was normal. Goes to show problems can still be present even with a 'normal' smear test. 
It makes me sad and angry that this is happening to me, again, and that many more girls my age or younger are out there clueless and not being tested. 
How many women have to go through this before they finally lower the screening age?

My main reason for posting is I'm scared that this time it's going to be more serious, and even if it isn't I'm frightened this is going to be my life now. Every few years wondering if the C word is looming over my head like some sort of inevitable axe. 


Has anyone else had treatment then problems return? 
Anyone elses experiences would be appreciated. 


thanks =/


I know the feeling. I used to bleed after sex and was constantly having tests to see what was going on all came back clear.

They refused a smear as was too young. Then had a laparoscopy they couldn't find anything.

Had first smear at 24.5 years old that came back clear.

I had my latest smear in feb i have now been told i have cin3 and have to have a general

To get rid of cells. Its horrible and you will over think things as i have

But they will get you sorted x

They refused you a smear? Thats awful.
I've had to have smears every few months since having the cells removed the first time. =/ 

Something really needs to be done about the ages for smear tests. 
Thank you for your kind words and support (:

I was too young ( they start at 25 and i was 21) i agree i think smears should start

As soon as you become sexually active then things wouldn't get as bad as they do and young people wouldn't die.

I am so nervous about the 29th but fingers crossed. Xx

Thats so strange, they gave me a smear test at 20 'cause I had a history of problems with abnormal cells. 

Good luck for the 29th, try not to worry it'll just make you ill. 

My colposcopy is on the 27th =/