Second colposcopy in 10 weeks

Hi ladies, hope your all well. I need some advice, i had a smear back in august 2022 i got the results in december 2022 and was invited for a colposcopy. I went for this on 8th december where she took a biopsy and said i have mild grade dysarkosis (CIN1) and hpv 16 was detected. I rang the hospital last week to chase it up and was told the results have came back electronically literally minutes before but the consultant hasnt looked at them. This morning i received another letter just with an apppointment for another colposcopy. I rang my doctor to see if they had the results of my biopsy but they didnt and i cant get hold of anyone in the clinic. Does anyone know why i might be asked for another colposcopy 10weeks after the first one?

Thanks in advance. Sending love and light to you all