Second colposcopy and some questions?

Hello everyone,

I had my first colposcopy in early March after two years of abnormal symptoms and one abnormal pap test in January. I had one punch biopsy done and it came back as "HSIL CIN 3 cannot exclude carcinoma in situ". The doctor I was seeing at the time for some reason didn't want to see me again for 6 months as she wanted to avoid 'overtreatment' because I am so young, I'm 22 years old. 

Fast forward a month or two and I started to bleed during and after a bowel movement, continued to bleed after sex and began having a watery discharge. After hearing this she asked me to come in for a repeat colposcopy, which I went to this morning.

This morning she took 3 more biopsies, at 12 8 and 6 o'clock, the biopsy I had done before in March was only one at 6'oclock. My first area of concern is that it has spread to a larger area of the cervix, if she took 3 more at all those different areas. My second concern is that she then told me she was going to order an "urgent" transvaginal internal ultrasound. She said they will call me rather quickly to get me in, and that she would have preferred I had it today after the appointment but because of the biopsies it would risk bleeding. She also booked me in for a cone biopsy in September.


Does anyone know why she would order an internal ultrasound? Why would she want it done so quickly? 

Any insight on this would be so so helpful. Thank you!!!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having more symptoms and more biopsies were needed. When I had biopsies a few years ago, they did multple each time i went (and I had LSILs) but I guess the cells were just a bit spread out. Also, with my recent post-coital bleeding, my doctor actually sent me for the internal ultrasound immediately (waaay before I was able to get in for a colposcopy). The ultrasound was to rule our a number of other things that could have been causing the bleeding. They actually found I had a haemorrhagic cyst on one of my ovaries during this. It's possible she is sending you for the ultrasound to rule out other potential causes of the bleeding along with ruling out that you don't have any growths etc. where they can't see during the colposcopy. The good thing is, ultrasound results are fairly quick - I got mine within a week, and if they're rushing yours, you'll probably get them sooner.

Hope this has helped some.