Second Colposcopy after one Cold Coagulation.

Hi Everyone,

I came across this site about a year ago, I had my first smear test last April and was not told the exact results, just that I had been referred to Colposcopy. Obviously I went and the cells must have been very visible, the doctor said she could do a biopsy but the chances were I would have to go back and have the cells removed anyway. I decided to have the cold coagulation done there and then, get it over with and not drag it all out. 

Unfortunately it seems I am in the minority, 6 weeks after the procedure I was on my way to work and just happened to gaze down at my jeans, they were covered in blood. I went to the hospital and they suspected a misscarriage but I knew I wasn't pregnant. Guess I was just unlucky. I did however get a letter back saying that all the nasty cells has been removed and everything was fine. I continued to have bleeding after sex for month so I asked my GP to refer me back to the gynaecologist.  He said he could see an ectrousion (I think that's it) and burnt it a wee bit, long story short it all seemed fine after the year-long ordeal and I started feeling normal again. For a long time I couldn't bear to be touched and didnt want to sleep with anyone until I knew my cervix had healed. 

About 3 weeks ago I went to the family planning clinic to ask about put back on my old pill as I had to change it due to the ectrusion, i explained everything which had happened to the doctor who looked and noticed I was due my next smear so she did it there and then, to be honest I'd forgotten about it until last week. I have to go back to Colposcopy again in 3 weeks, to be honest I'm scared. I can't go through all the bleeding again for another year and as people always do, Im dreading the worst. The letter was so non-descript it could be anything and 3 weeks seems like a long time to wait. 


Im not really sure why I'm writing here, I know reading other people's stories helps me feel like I'm not alone, especially people who have had to go back to Colposcopy again. In the meantime I guess the silver lining is that I do need to lose a bit of weight, the worry diet should help there :) 

Hi Fruce,


I'm so sorry for what you have been through.. bleeding like that must have been scary. Do you know why you have been called back? I know that where I live they are recalling everyone with a history of cervical problems who have high risk hpv on their smears. Perhaps you haven't quite eliminated the virus yet?? 


when is your colposcopy? All the best xxx