Second biopsy

Morning all,

just thought id share my most recent part of my journey, last tuesday i went in for a cone biopsy, id previously had the loop which lead to the diagnosis of CC stage 1B2 had an MRI no spread and was all set to have a trachalectomy on monday 15th december that was until the big boys at city hospital wanted more investigation doing to make sure a trachelectomy was the best way for me, i went in at 8am on tuesday 16th dec for an outpaitients procedure i was first down which is a bonus as i can't stand all the waiting around, when i cam out of theatre i felt fine for the first half hour at which point i started to hemorage quite severley so they put back under and placed a stich in me i then woke up with a pack and catheta and was to stay in hospital over night, for soe reason the pain was unreal its safe to say it was the longest night of my life!! i came home around 7pm on the wednesday and luckily on th friday my key nurse rang me to say they had fast tracked the biopsy and the results were clear there is no more cancer further up the canal which is what was worrying them. Im now waiting for a call to see if the trachalectomy is still on track and when it will be. fingers crossed it will be all plain sailing from now on. i must say though after the experience with the cone biopsy i am not looking forward to a bigger scale op!!! although i will be happy to be given the all clear and to get on with life, even though its not physically affecting me at the moment the emotional and mental toll its having on me is becoming unbearable. i know many of you will feel the same, i just feel better off loading on here.


Love K x

Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear you had a rough ride but great news that the biopsy is good. Let's hope you can put this all behind you soon. It's quite an emotional roller coaster, isn't it!?

Kirsty x