Second biopsy required

Hi all,

This is my first post on here. I’m just wandering if any one has experienced what I have so far.

Basically, I went to the gp as I was experiencing spotting and bleeding after sex along with pain, and discharge that was occasionally smelly. I was due my second smear anyway (first was normal). It came back showing moderate/high grade changes. My colposcopy on the 3rd December confirmed moderate changes. Today I had my appointment for this, and it was being carried out by a junior doctor. The doctor overseeing him when she saw my cervix stated “this looks really high grade, I would take another biopsy”. This has left me feeling quite concerned. Recently I have been getting stomach pain, and urgent need to wee a lot, a swollen stomach, and weird feeling upper thighs. I’m really concerned that it something worse. The doctor was quite unapproachable and they were very busy m, so I just got up and left.

Just wandering if anyone has had any experience of this and can give any advice on what to expect and if I’m worrying over nothing. Sorry about the essay.

Thanks ladies xx

Hi Kirsty,

I completely understand your worry as I have also had to have two cone biopsies after persistent cin 3 and hpv. I've also had ongoing bleeding which doesn't help.

My colposcopy team have been fantastic and although I still require further treatment I haven't got cc and it can take 10-15 years to develop if left untreated. It's not great going back for repeat procedures but at least I feel I am being carefully monitored. Hopefully this second treatment for you will come back clear but just take time out to recover and look after yourself. It was another 6 months wait for me for the next test and that is the hardest bit. 

Don't feel bad asking questions or feeling upset. You may have caught them on a bad day. No excuse for making you feel rubbish though. Maybe check in with your gp too, just in case it's an infection. I was also given antibiotics after the first cone which seemed to sort things out.

good luck x