screening results finally received even though received Colposcopy referal 4days ago.

Did everyone else's results just be worded in sentence form or were they different? Mine just states severe

Hi Klee, mine was a letter stating 'High grade dyskaryosis', I'm off for my colposcopy this afternoon feeling a little nervous. Have you had a date for yours?



Ok thankyou for your reply. 

It seems the same as mine. 

Have you had yours by now? How was it?

I have mine on the 25th  but I have rang to see if I could get in sooner as im very worried x

Hi Klee,

I had mine yesterday and can honestly say its nothing to be worried about - the nurses were so lovely and put me at ease. I had initially been told I was high grade in my letter but when the doctor was doing the examination she said she didn't think it was which was good. She also told me it wasn't cancer - said you can never be 100% but that in her opinion its not which was such a relief to hear. 

After she had done the examination (which is basically just like a smear test) she took a biopsy, but made me cough when she was taking this so didnt really feel anything.

Felt a little uncomfortable after but just similar to period pains.

I asked if they would be doing any treatment on the cells and she said she would rather see what the biopsy says first as she didn't want to do anything that wasnt really nessicarily. 

Now I have 3/4 weeks to wait for my results so fingers crossed everything is ok! Just keep telling myself that if it is anything nasty then they will have caught it early as I've not had any symptoms.

I was surprised at the amount of people waiting for the same thing though! 

I know its easy to say but try not to be too nervous xx

Hi Klee


mines on the 25th too xx

hope all goes well x