Screening process

I am 41 and visited the gyno last week because I was having abdominal pain, cramping, lower back pain, chills, joint pain, vomiting, constipation, diahorea, from a week before my period through a week after my period.

He did an exam, pap and hpv and told me to schedule colposcopy, ultrasound, ca 125 blood test and breast exam.

Everything that I have read online has said that all these tests are done after an abnormal pap smear, but I was told to do this on the same day he did the pap hpv.  I am confused and nervous because we seem to be jumping right into all the tests before knowing the pap results...

Hi Amy,


It sounds like your gynae is amazing. I wish they would do that here. If he saw cancer he would have to tell you there and then that it was a, real possibility. It sounds like he listened to your experiences and has set all of the relevant tests accordingly for you. X