Scary times!


Hi, diagnosed with CC two weeks ago, got over initial shock then had CAT scan this morning and brought back the feeling of dread and the unknown again, anxiety back again, MRI on Thursday, then EUA at Addenbrookes on Monday, scary time, scary thoughts.


Sorry your going through this scary time and sorry I don't have any advice for you just wanted to reply and wish you all the best. Keep your chin up:-)



Sorry to hear this Caroline but addenbrookes is a fantastic hospital and you are in the best hands there x

Hi Caroline,  I can kind of understand how you are feeling as I was also diagnosed recently (2& a half weeks ago). I had come round to the diagnosis then went for my mri last thurs and it all came crashing back down to me. Big hugs hunny xx

Hi just wanted to say me 2 diagnosed 1b1 cc MRI today surgery booked 9th June xx