Scary results!

Hi guys,

New here and looking for some positive stories as right now I am absolutely terrified!

I had a colposcopy and biopsy after a borderline with HPV smear result in May. I have not had the biopsy results back yet, but I have had a letter from the doctors that says the colposcopist’s opinion is that I have high grade including CGIN.

I honestly thought with just borderline smear results I wouldn’t have anything to really worry about, but this is terrifying!

Can anyone share any positive outcomes with me please?

Hi @Faye welcome to the forum.

Didn’t want to read and run. Waiting on results is the worst part because of the unknown.

I don’t have have a positive story to share with you but I am sure some other ladies will be around soon to share.

Hi there, thank you for the welcome!

Fingers crossed for some positive stories - this is all so rubbish :frowning:

Hi just wanted to give some reassurance for those of you who have been diagnosed with CGIN. I had my smear test in May 2020 and had a reply saying I had abnormal cells and would need a colposcopy. I’ve always had regular smears so felt instantly worried. I did have some abnormal post menopausal bleeding before Christmas which needed a hysteroscopy procedure. I was whisked in quite quickly for my appt which also scared me. When I got to the clinic I was told I had granular abnormalities and would need Lletz straight away. It completely floored me and I was too shocked to say anything or ask any questions. The procedure started and I had gas and air which is wonderful and highly recommended for pain relief. The procedure was then stopped and the Consultant said that on reflection he would do the procedure under general anaesthetic. He stressed that I needed to have it done as soon as he could fit me in and he would do the hysteroscopy at the same time.

My Op was 2 weeks later. It felt very scary going into the hospital on my own due to Covid restrictions. I had read almost everything I could on CGIN which frightened me even more. I have to say all the staff were amazing. I was so nervous but I was very well taken care off. The consultant told me in the recovery room that he had also found a polyp which he had removed. He would be in touch with the results in about 3 weeks.

The 3 weeks came and he rang me to say the results were not back. He then rang the following week to say they were running additional tests. I was beside myself by this point as I have always suffered from health anxiety. Eventually after 5 weeks he rang to say there was definitely no cancer and the margins were clear and he would see me back in 6 months in his clinic for another smear. I was damn relieved. I lived on this forum during this time and just devoured as much research as I could.

I hope this gives some reassurance to those post menopausal women or others who
Have been diagnosed with CGIN. The lack of communication or letters with appointments which didn’t arrive could be improved but the care I received was amazing and so reassuring.

I’ve since had a Test of cure which was clear. Another one due next week so hopeful results are still clear. That was clear too. Now released for 3 years. Hope that helps.


Oh thank you so much for this it was really reassuring and I hope your results continue to be clear!

I think because the colposcopist really played down everything and told me it was possibly all down to me running my pills together so often to see her think I have CGIN has totally floored me!

Trying not to worry until I have the biopsy results but it’s hard!


Hi Faye,

Juzt wanted to see how you are doing x


Thank you for checking in, it’s really kind of you!

So I actually managed to speak to the nurse that had been in on my colposcopy and she has put my mind at ease a bit. She says she can see my results but isn’t allowed to tell me what they are however I do not have cancer and might need the biopsies repeated as some were inconclusive.

I asked about the possibility of needing a cone biopsy for the CGIN as I’m about to start a new job and am worried about the time off needed for recovery and she said they don’t really do them anymore as things have advanced with the loop procedure so that’s made me a bit happier!

Just waiting for the official results now to see what is actually going on!


That’s good news, hopefully it all comes back fine fir you x

Hi guys, just posting in case anyone needed a positive story!

So I had my first colposcopy after being HPV+ and having a borderline smear result. The consultant thought I had high grade CIN & CGIN. At the appointment she told me there were 2 large areas of concern. Biopsy results came back inconclusive so 4 weeks later I returned to have another colposcopy and more biopsy’s. This time they were really painful (didn’t feel them first time) so I think she really made sure she took a deep chunk!

Before she started I saw my cervix on the screen and it didn’t look nice and smooth like I the ones on Google! It was kind of knarly looking which obviously made me think the worst.

Got my results today and no CIN found! Case will be discussed at an MDT meeting, probably because of the biopsy results being different to what the consultant visually diagnosed, but right now I am so happy. It’s been 4 months of hell!

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