Scarring and Stenosis found during smear

Dear Forum,

I feel a bit bad for posting about this, as I still waiting for the results of my latest smear test. When I went to have my smear test a week ago, the nurse thought she could see either a cyst or a polyp, thought it was nothing but advised me to get checked by my GP. I’m just back from the GP who said that she could not see a polyp but that my cervix was really tight and was consistent with somebody who had had procedures done on their cervix and/or children - I haven’t had either.

I have mid cycle bleeding and polycystic ovaries for about 5 years now - in 2011 they did dilate my cervix during an appointment, to check for polyps and they found none. I have had ultrasounds of my ovaries since then but not sure if they checked or would have seen my cervix at the same time. I had symptoms of recurrent urinary tract infections (back/kidney pain mostly) and some obstructed flow that was checked out with Urodynamic testing and a camera up into my bladder (can’t remember what that’s called), they found some inflammation in my bladder and prescribed a 3 month course of antibiotics, this was back in 2014 and since then the UTI symptoms have appeared sporadically, but generally been much better.

My online research is scary about stenosis and scarring and I am wondering if anybody has had a similar experience or can help me understand how my symptoms might link. We are trying for a baby and I have an appointment at the Fertility clinic this coming Thursday, where I will try and encourage them to take a look and give me their opinion. If they won’t examine me then, my GP has told me to come back and that she will refer me to the gyno dept at the Hospital. Should I be worried or asking for specific tests to be done at this point? Thank you all in advance for your help.