Well ive just had the letter through he door saying ive been tested positive for HPV and high grade dyskaryosis. What a shock! Ive got a colposcopy next thursday. The receptionist on the phone said I would be likely offered treatment on the day!! Im even more scared now,I dont want to mention the “C” word. One minute im scared stiff the next Im trying to think rationaly but to be honest I havent a clue what to expect.

I had my lletz 8 day's ago for Cin3 ( high grade dhyskaryosis ) it doesnt hurt and I ahve been told it's 90% successfu, it is a worrying time waiting for the results but its good it's been found and they can remove it. Try not to worry about cancer an I know that's no use when I'm worried myself but your I the right hands. X


It is scary but try not to overthink-easier said than done i know.. i was very scared but the lletz was fine. There are so many things they can do to treat abnormalities of the cells now and looks like you could have treatment next thursday to remove them and like elliebelly said theres such a high chance you wont need anything else done and can put it all behind you. Sending you lots of calm, positive and loving vibes xxx get lots of cuddles from loved ones and tell them how you are feeling 

Hey im new to this site.

In regards to your treatment  i had 3 LLETZ done 4 years ago an that was for cin 3 then cin 2. Its soo hard not to over think but you are in the best hand, 

I just had my yearly smear this week and i am scared of the results this time dues to pelvic area always sore an it was never like that. So i have all the fingers crossed its anothrr clear xx