Im so scared of my colposcopy in 9 days! I am teriffied they will find cancer and wont be able to treat it :frowning:

Hi Blackrose

I totally understand your fear. I was exactly the same, it's a terrifying time. I was referred for a colposcopy due to severe dyskaryosis smear result. It was my first smear in over 10 years. So silly of me I know but I just couldn't face having it done.

The colposcopy itself is a breeze and I found the lletz less uncomfortable than a smear. I got my results a few weeks back and thankfully it's CIN 3 with clear margins. 

Have you had abnormal smear results?

Also take time to read some of the lady's posts on here, all different cases and loads of positive stories. It really helped me put things into perspective at such a difficult time. 

Take comfort in the fact that the vast majority do not have cancer and that pre cancerous cells if present can be removed. 

Roxy X 

Thank you very much. I havent no as i am only 23 i have been reffered for a colposcopy due to testing positive for high risk hpv on a home hpv test.