I had an abnormal pap in November. It showed LSIL or mild dysplasia. I have read that this often clears on its own. I have put off getting the colposcopy. I am confused. If this normally clears on its own why do I need a colposcopy? I have always had normal paps in the past. I am 40 years old and in otherwise great health. How concerned should I be about this LSIL?

Were you tested for the HPV virus? If you weren't I would request one.  IF that is positive for HR I would definitely have the colposcopy.  Us older gals could have this virus brewing for a really long time and that is the main culprit for our abnormal results.  I just had my first colposcopy and it is not that bad. The annoying discharge for the week afterwards is the worst part. IF your HPV is negative then maybe I would play the waiting game.  I hope this helps and just know there are alot of people here on this forum to support you.

Please, please please go to your colposcopy.  They will probably monitor you, but you MUST be seen.  I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer last year.  They reviewed my smear from 3 years before and despite the fact it had been read as clear at the time, when they checked it again it said 'borderline changes'.  IF my smear had been read correctly and I had been monitored/had treatment I would not have had to have a 6 hour operation, 6 weeks off work and the emotional and physical scars from cancer.

The smear test is designed to show these changes up before they become a problem and you are very lucky they have caught it at this stage.  Please go to your colposcopy.  It is not painful and they are very likely to just monitor you for 6 months.  The colposcopy is so that they can confirm the diagnosis made from the smear.  As the smear only gets cells from part of your cervix, they need to double check that there are not any other more advanced pre-cancerous cells in any other areas.  All they do is look at your cervix with a big magnifying glass and perhaps take a punch biopsy. Any questions just ask x


I can totally understand how your feeling. I found out on the 22nd of January that my smear test results were abnormal. Naturally you fear and worry the worst. I done as much research as I could. 

This morning I had my first coloscopy. I was scared. The Dr took 2 biopsys they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be (just a mild pinch).

Do you have anyone who could go with you?. I almost bottled it today but thanks to my partner and the lovely nurses I went through with it.

No one can prepare you for the unknown. But I found it helps to do research so you know what to expect. I didn't think I'd freak out today but I was crying it was the fear. 

Take a pad and eat before you go. Try to relax (I know it's easier said then done).

The procedure only took around 30mins (would of been done quicker if I didn't freak out).


Once it's done it's done. Then if you have anything done (Dr takes a biopsy) it's 4-6 weeks til you get the results.

I found the experience wasn't bad but it wasn't pleasant either.

Hope your ok xxxxx