scared :(

I had an abnormal smear, had it done 2 weeks ago, and going this Monday to have a coloposcopy, (the letter said severe dyskaryosis) shit sacred, as this time last year I had a smear done, that came back normal? can that be right??

googled it, shoulnt of done that, but hey I did and now I am even more scared :( cant stop crying and had some panic attacks.

Scare of LOOP precudure too, HATE injections, makes me really panic!! read loads of horror stories about them.

Has anyone ever gone for a coloposcopy for servere dyskaryosos and the resuts were not servere and less??




Firstly, try not googling things, I know its hard but it wont help you in the long run I promise. The info pages on here are really useful. Again I know its hard not to panic about the colposcopy but its really not that bad, the colposcopy bit is just where they will have a closer look, this is like getting a smear done but they are just looking, they will probably apply a coupe of solutions to your cervix just so they can get a clear look, if they are going to treat you there and then it will be a wee bit of gel and maybe an injection, but dont panic its over and done with and you wont be able to see whats going on, to try and block it out and its over before you know it. The worst you can expect is maybe a bit of cramping, just like a period. But the nurses will explain everything.

After the colposcopy they will send the results of the biopsies and this will confirm exactly what is happening down there.

If it is CIN3 again this can be nothing to worry about, as the chances are they have removed it all in the treatment and you will be invited back for a check up 6 months later.

If you can get someone to take you to the appointment, this will help take your mind off it. And the ladies on the forum are always here to help!

Keep us posted





Hi there, i thought I'd comment. Smears aren't 100% accurate so it may be possible that they missed it last year. Having seen posts on here over many months it has happened that a few have had there cells down graded. Although I've didnt have lletz I had cold coagulation And I am also a huge wimp with needles. in the past year I have had 3 colposcopys, 2 lots of biopsies and a laparoscopy All for gynae will get through the procedure, a lot of the girls have said its uncomfortable. Try and stay calm, relax and take your mind to another place. There's no point in me telling you not to worry as I know it's an impossibility. Take care and good luck! Xx

Thanks girls for the reply, I will try not to worry... its just hard you know :( got two young girls aswell my mind is racing :(

I will let you know tho

Maria xx

Just wanted to say I had a colposcopy and biopsy done a few weeks ago. Really really not as bad as you are imagining!  The procedure itself is really straightforward if a little undignified with you legs in the air, but your doctor will have done it hundreds of times.  The only part I found uncomfortable was the numbing injection, it's a sharp scratch but lasts only seconds, really really not that bad!  After that you won't feel a thing.  Afterwards I had some mild cramping, nothing worse than period pain and light bleeding for a couple of days.  Couple of pain killers and a hot water bottle and you will be grand.  It's such a scary time for you, I know I felt like I was in a bubble or something the whole time.  Really hoping it all goes well for you and you get positive results xx


Hi Maria


I know how scary and awful it is to get that news. I too suffered from high anxiety for a good few weeks. Even now, with my lletz out the way I’m still feeling anxiety although it’s much less.


The ladies are right – smear tests don’t always catch everything. I’d be lying if I said I understood it, but take reassurance from the fact you are now in the system and they will have this on your records for the future. One positive outcome of all this for me is being impressed with how efficient the screening process is and how quickly you’re seen to if something is wrong. OK, it’s not perfect but I have a lot of faith in it.


Now, I am a total wimp when it comes to any kind of medical procedure, so I was dreading the colposcopy and lletz! But both were absolutely fine – honest. I’ve had much worse dental procedures and bikini waxes! You don’t see the needle, and I guess it’s different for everyone, but I hardly felt it and the nurse chatted away to me while it was happening which helped. They go to such efforts to make sure you are comfortable and both colp and lletz are over before you even know it.  


Before I went in for my colposcopy, the Sister in charge took me into a room and spoke to me about my results and what to expect. My original letter hadn’t said what degree of abnormality I had (they don’t seem to do that in Scotland) so I didn’t know what I was walking into. This really reassured me and I was even managing to joke with her as we went into the procedure room – I thought I’d have to be dragged in!


I had biopsies taken and then had to go back for a lletz which I wasn’t happy about – but at least I knew they were going to remove all the bad cells.


I too had read the horror stories, but just think about the many, many women who have these procedures who don’t post online because it all went fine.  Personally speaking, I had my lletz over a week ago and so far had no ill effects at all. Hoping it stays that way but time will tell I guess!


For me (so far) the absolute worst bit about this whole experience has not been the procedures, but the waiting and worrying and angsting.


This forum is a good source of support but remember it can be slightly skewed – many of the ladies posting here have had unfortunate experiences and bad news. Those who have better news are less likely to post it on here so you can get the impression that worst case diagnoses are more common than they actually are. In reality, only a small number of abnormal cases result in cancer – and even if they do, it can treated quickly and very effectively.


That said, this is a great place to go for understanding. My boyfriend has been very supportive and sweet, but he just doesn’t really understand it all. He’s like ‘it isn’t cancer so what’s the matter, why are you still stressing?’ Everyone on here is so supportive and lovely. It’s a really nice community - even if the reason for us being here isn’t that nice!


I know it’s easier said than done, but please try not to worry, this is such a common thing. When I got my lletz my nurse told me that they do a lot of procedures in a week and the waiting room was full of women.  And everyone I’ve spoken to has either had it done or knows someone close to them who’s had it done.


Phew – sorry for the super long post! Hop it all helps you feel a wee bit better,


Take care xxx


thanks girls, I will try and stay positive, its just really horrible, I would rather give birth seriously!

i will post when I had precedure xxx

Hi girls I had a biopsy done, its only in one place, got to wait 4 weeks fore results :/ hate waiting !! xx