I'm starting treatment on Monday. 5 chemo 25 radio and 2 brachytherapy. I've had back pain and neck pain and now I'm experiencing slight dizziness and nosebeeleds! I feel that nobody is listening to these symptoms despite me saying them at every appointment I go to. I'm scared to say the least. 

Refused smear oCt 2013 

Diagnosed 1b1 Jan 2015

RH 17/3/15 3 lymph nodes out of 14 infected 

Treatment start date 4/5/15 

Hello again Ags Jos :-)

Of course you are scared. Chemo-radiation therapy is a big new thing for you and you are going into the unknown. By Monday evening you will be feeling so much less anxiety than you are now. I am not a doctor but I am absolutely sure that the dizziness and nosebleeds stem from anxiety and are not further symptoms of cancer. Please try your very best to have a fun weekend with friends and/or family to distract yourself from thinking too much about next week. I promise you that when you start treatment you will find it's a lot less scary than you imagine.

Be lucky