hi there... 

I went for a smear test 12months ago an it came back abnormal.. I went to have my 12months recall and I had a letter back to say they are sending me an appointment for a colposcopy to be done at my local hospital... I have had one of these before so this is my second one in my 20s... I am so scared about all this.. 

Hi Mrs P,

I'm so sorry to hear you're having a scary time. The old imagination does tend to run away with itself! The good thing is that you're being checked and the screening programme is there to pick things up early. There might not even be anything too scary anyway. Try not to worry...ok, I know that's easier said than done!;)

When is the colposcopy? The waiting is horrible, but keep your chin up and know that you are being checked out to keep you well. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Kirsty x

Hi Kirsty 

i don't know when my colposcopy is yet I am waiting on my local hospital sending me an appointment. I hope they get me in asap.... And the results get back Asap. I couldn't stand waiting on results this close to xmas lol..... I don't know what I should be thinking and what's normal to think.... My husband asked me last night what is it that they are checking for and I told hI'm abnormal cells and changes to the cervix.... But in my head I was thinking they are checking me to see if I have cancer....

i know it could be nothing and they are just doing routine checks.... It's just scary... 


Hi Alisha

It's really daunting isn't it, when you hear there are abnormal cells inside you, and its so hard not to think the worst. The colposcopy is such a scary thought, but the reality of it is so much easier. Both times I've gone, I've been absolutely terrified, and I've come out of it both times feeling absolutely fine. I'm feeling the same now about my pending treatment, I'm really teary, but I know I'll come out of it feeling ok.

I do the very same as you in that I've played it down to my partner and mother and acted like I'm not worried, but in my mind I'm thinking a lot worse. I guess its just natural. The waiting is just horrible! BUT, it does pass, its only a short time out of your life in the grand scheme of things. Finding other things to concentrate on is best, easier said than done I know but unfortunately we've no other choice but to wait... :-/

I hope your appt comes soon and goes well. The odds are in our favour.

Joanne x