I am worried i'm 47 and have been to the doctors for a smear test the first one for about 15yrs which i know is stupid I have been having symptoms like frequant unrination can't hold it and a bad discharge smells horrible and back pain and some pain when i have sex the doctor said I have a polyp and has said he is making an urgent referral (hmm) I just have this gut feeling that it is worse than than thatEmbarassed im stressing out can anyone help please  


Please try not to worry too much.  You are being dealt with now and whatever the result, you will get treatment soon.

I didn't have any symptoms but was diagnosed with CC after a routine smear.That was a year ago and I'm doing fine now.

Let us know how you get on.



I had the same symptoms I'm afraid. You are obviously thinking the worst otherwise you wouldn't have found Jo's!

If, and at this point, it is a big if, you are found to have cancer they will sort it. Then you can join 'the gang' who bore anyone who will listen about the importance of going for your smear. I was also a smear dodger for many years. Feel free to PM me if you like.