Please I have been called back as I have hpv and abnormal cells, could I have cancer???


Dont Worry It just means that you have some abnormal cells that need to be removed because if left they could one day in the future turn to cancer.

This is why we have smear test to detect these abnormal cells and get rid of them before they have chance to become anything serious. The treatment to remove them is very simple and only takes 10 minutes ita very much like a smear test. Xxx

Hi Barkerlou, 


I've just come across your post while I was posting in this section, can I suggest that you post this in the section? There will likely be more people who view that forum and who have been in a similar situation to your own. 


In the meantime you may find the factsheet attached to this link and the link useful:

You could also contact the helpline 0808 802 8000.