hi im new on here and been diagnoise with cervical cancer which, has spread to lymph glands and pelvis, i start chemo on 20th, 5 hrs every 3 weeks for 6 months and then maybe 2months of radio and brackytherapy, i suffer panic attacks and im really struggling to come to terms with it, and had to rush up to our local hospice last monday as i feared for myself, they made me an emer gency app at my gp who was really good and said the notes from the hospital said they were treating it as curable , but i cant get this into my head, can anyone help me please

Hi so sorry about your diagnosis but I find this site is really good for your sanity. I was diagnosed adenocarcinoma stage 1b2 on the 26th of June I will never forget it aslong as I live, the worst day imaginable. I recieve chemo once every three weeks for 3/4 doses just now, I received the first lot last Tuesday and I can hand on heart say it was ok. The worst part is insomnia from the steroids and for me the canular lol :). Did they tell you what stage? Spread to lymph glands in the pelvis is fairly common according to my oncologist and although it's a factor I certainly doesn't mean it can't be cured. There are lots of ladies on here who "free of disease" or "clear" way after treatment has completed. It's very hard to get your head around but these days I feel almost normal, I don't think about it constantly, I don't consider loosing this battle at all, I'm gonna win end of. You'll get there with it and it sort of becomes a way of life. Take care Charlene xx

P.s feel free to pm me if I can help answer any questions xx

  • Hi I too was diagnosed with stage 1b2 cervical cancer on the 13th June an I will never forget that day either , I also am scared mine has not spread , I'm starting my treatment on the 27th aug , 25 daily sessions of external radiotherapy , 3 sessions of internal radiotherapy and chemo once a week for 6 weeks , I'm very scared about this and the side affects I will suffer , but I have a very big family and a wonderful group of frienda who WILL get me through this and I WILL BEAT IT

Hi Steffi we can help each other through our treatment please pm me if you would like to chat take care Debbie-Lou xx

My treatment plan should of been the same chemo radiation followed by brachytherapy. The cisplatin is actually ok, but I didn't have the radio to give you my experience. Lots have been through it though and I'm sure like all of it the thought is worse than the reality. Charlene xx

Hi Charlene , I have my first lot of chemo and radio on the 27th I'm starting to get a little nervous now but I'm sure I'll get it through it with the help of my family and friend , I also know there is a lot of ladies on here to lend an ear to listen to my worries and offer advice hope your coping ok with treatment it will be nice to keep in touch pm me if you would like to take care Deb x 

does anyone else have stomach pain and bleeding with this as its panicking me , im 63 and feel as if i got a period again

hi charlene have you had any pain and bleeding as i feel as if i got my periods back and it worrying mem stupid, im not coping with this very well at all x


Hi debbie-lou. I haven't had the radiotherapy like I said because my treatment plan changed I'm now receiving a taxol/carboplatin combination. Went for my wig yesterday I think that is right up there with day of diagnoses. The chemo is honestly OK I felt a bit yukky but the insomnia was driving me insane. Steffi I had bleeding and stomach cramps, back pain etc although it's only now when I look back I can place it all. I had leg pain also and post coital bleeding which is when I went to the gp my previous smear was clear although I'm told this is fairly common with adenocarcinoma. Debbie-lou I will PM you just now xx

hi debbie , i had a bit of good news on fri my cancer isnt as bad as they first thought it was, and now im not having chemo or losing my hair, im ahving the samt treatment as you but only 1 bblast of brackytherapy,  ive been told the side effects isnt that bad , the main one wil be the runs but they give you tablets for that, so pleased dont be scared, so now we can help each other thru it, i dont no when i start tho , it may be the end of the month xx