I had my smear last week as I turned 25, got my letter yesterday I have CIN3, an will have to have this coloscopy, I rang the doctor she said I will have to have cells lasered off as I have this cin3. I have seen some women have had what I have an after biopsy found cancer an some havent I would like to know peoples experiences an if they found cancer or if not. I'm very confused I don't know why this is happening to me, I've only just had my second child an gotten over thr traumatic birth with her!! 

thanks x

Hello hun! 

Okay this is only my experience (so far) I had my very first smear this year too in October and my letter came back 'low grade dyskariyosis' (CIN) and evidence of HPV, so I was referred to the colposcopy! Panic wasn't the word - I started thinking all sorts of things! The main thing being the big C word. I can honestly say that the waiting is the worst part! I googled some stuff and just put my mind in a frenzy so I banned myself from google lol! anyway, my appointment came for my colposcopy not long after my results. I was so nervous as I've never really had anything wrong with me! The most dramatic or traumatic thing I've ever done, is give birth. I have barely ever even been ill so this was a shock to me! I arrived at the hospital for my colposcopy a bag of nerves!! but in actual fact, it really wasn't that bad at all! The nurses were lovely and they talked me through the whole thing. She explained I had high risk HPV and that's why some of my cells were abnormal. It wasn't painful at all, only a little uncomfy! As she was having a look at my cervix, she took 2 biopsies which I didn't even feel (she told me to cough as she done them) and afterwards she explained that my letter may have been wrong and she thinks it's just the HPV virus that's present. Which was good to hear! So in my experience so far, what it says on your letter isn't always what it actually is. The colposcopy will examine in more detail and will give a lot more info than a smear test.

I'm still waiting on my biopsy results!

Good luck! :) update and let us know how you got on!


Hi Hun,

Like you & Dani my first smear test came back showing changes (severe high grade dyksarosis) 

It was a complete shock to the system & I ended up spending hours scoring the internet worrying myself even more so it's such a good thing you have found this site as it was the most useful thing to me in my hour of need. 

Again as Dani said colposcopy is just like a longer smear test but they will have a good look at your cervix & may even project it on a screen which you can see if you wish.

Any abnormal areas will show up & you may be offered treatment at the same time if your clinic does this (some do & some don't)

If you don't have treatment you will probably have some biopsies taken but again you should barely feel these, I just had some mild period type cramping for a little while afterwards. 

The waiting is the hard part unfortunately but try to keep yourself busy & remember abnormal cells are so much more common then you realise. I bet if you was to openly discuss it amongst you girlfriends they will all be able to tell you of somebody or even themselves that have had abnormal cells or treatment. It just seems fr some reason us women don't discuss our smear tests openly! 

Huge hugs



Thanks guys, got my colposcopy tomorrow xx

Good luck hunni! fingers crossed for you :) let us know how you get on! don't worry it will be absolutely fine! Xxx