Hello to all the wonderful ladies here 

My mother has been experiencing post menopausal bleeding (with odour, don't know whether it's discharge or blood, all I know is it is brown in colour) with slight 'on-off' pelvic pain and lower back pain (being a patient of arthritis, she has always complained of back pain, so do not know if it's related to cc)
A trans vaginal ultrasound was performed and the report stated 'thinned out endometrium present' (which I suppose, is also called endometrial atrophy and is very common post menopause)
Urine test was also performed - perfectly normal 
Smear test was performed and the report stated 'smears contain predominantly superficial type of squamous epithelial cells showing mild dysplasia. A small number of wbcs constitute the background (which points towards chronic inflammation). No evidence of malignancy' 
My question is, if it's just mild dysplasia, why is she experiencing symptoms ? Paps sometimes miss cervical cancer, don't they ? I'm scared.

she may need a womb biopsy a (Hysteroscopy) or a edndometrial but she will need pail releaf for this do not let them try this with out as post menaprsal women have a tight cervix