So I had a smear test done 2 years ago, the first one had to be redone as the nurse had not got enough cells. The second one came back fine.

However, I have been bleeding non stop for 5 months now. I may get a day not bleeding but by evening it's back. I have flooding and have passed huge clots each day. I can feel the clots coming out. The blood is bright red and dark clots. 

Absolutely terrified to see the Gp again as previously he said it was because I am overweight. But I really don't think being obese can cause this bleeding.

Need advice on what to say to GP as really don't know what to do I'm a single mum of a special needs child and have nightmares of what would happen to him if I'm not around. I think I have some anxiety but the more I read the more I think I have the symptoms. Anyway sorry to ramble on! 

Hi I am sorry to hear of your situation, I think you should definitely go back to the GP for further investigation. Is there a different doctor you can see?