I don't know if I am allowed to post here. Bascially I am terrified of going to the doctor. I guess I am embarrassed of my symptoms. I have had pain during sex for at least 8-9 months and bleeding afterwards. I also get some random bleeding between periods. All the symptoms line up - I am worried that the doctor will not take me seriously.

I have never had a smear test done but my mum has had cervical cancer, twice. Maybe that is why I am so relucctant to go.

I am only 24 and just looking for some support/advice.


Thank you


Hi the sooner you go the better, it might be nothing but better get it checked and of course the doctor will take you  serious, just ring and get the smear done and go from there xxxx

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for the advice - I have booked an appointment at the doctors - they managed to fit me in so the appointments in an hour. Wish me luck!


Thanks again,


Aww delighted to hear wishing u the best of luck Hun and sending u hugs xxx

I hope that everything went okay on Tuesday at your appointment.