Got a call from my OB this week (Monday, it is now Friday) and he stated that my Pap came back abnormal. Dysplasia. Ive been so scared since, never had this before. My test results showed Moderate-severe CIN2-CIN3-CIS. I am scheduled for a Coloscopy and biopsy but not for a few weeks. On waitlist for sooner appointment but I am honestly freaking out how can I sit with that for weeks waiting thinking that any cramp or pain is cancer Guess I am wondering though how they could tell the CIN level would be 2,3, or CIS if they haven't done a Coloscopy and biopsy yet? I am reading through everyone's posts to see what you experienced going forward with this. Guess just looking for a little reassurance that it's going to be ok, that if there is anything it is quick and easy and I am done? I don't know anyone who has experienced this. 

thank you!