Scared what results will reveal

Hi new to all this do not upto speed on all there terminology, so here goes, iv been bleeding quite a lot after sex and in between periods for over 6 months I went to the doctors and she gave me a quick check where she sent me for an urgent referral I saw the gynaecologist 2 weeks later and he had a look and took 2 biopsies he did basically say it was cancer then on Monday which was 2 weeks and 6 days after the biop was taken the hospital rang and asked me to go on the next day but I went on holiday and arrived home today my new appointment is Tuesday, I’m really trying to be positive but I just have a feeling it’s bad news, I’m 38 with 4 children between 16 and 4, has anyone has the same and it all been ok, sorry for long post.

I am not quite sure what is going on here. Are you saying that the,Dr taking the biopsies already told you it was cancer? What are you thinking then that the bad news might be? Also time scales, how long ago were the biopsies taken? You said you went on holiday but didn't say how long for.

What was your history prior to this? Did you have abnormal smears?

Even with this information it's a bit hard for,anyone to give helpfun advice. I think you might just have to distract yourself for a day or two and see what they have to say on Tuesday.

Good luck with the appointment.



The dr didnt Say it as in you have cancer but said he hoped it was hormonal until he has looked and then was saying to me do I understand what he was saying, I told him my mum had had cervical cancer when I was younger and hhe said it wasn’t hereditary, I went on holiday Monday to Friday, the hospital rang Monday morning for me to go the next day(Tuesday) but I was going away in a couple of hours so they said to come in this Tuesday, I went for biopsies on the 20th November 

Well good luck on Tuesday, I hope you get good news. 

Do report back good or bad.



I got the results today and it’s early stage cancer  got an mri tomorrow and then loop procedure monday (xmas eve) just hoping I’m all good for Xmas day but atleast I no where I’m at now

Well,  that's really the best news you could have really. Early is very treatable. Get the family to spoil you on Christmas day.

Karen x 

Early stage is treatable. My mother had early stage and probably a lot older then you as she was in her late 50's and was cured.  Good luck...Me being her daughter, I am 50 now and have my colposcopy and biopsy being done at the hospital tomorrow and I'm scared shitless, As for the doctor telling you it could possibly be a cancer, that would be correct...The doctor's can tell. Until the doctor gets the final results of the biopsy, they can't say for sure but it he kinda said it looks like cancer and hoping its hormonal,  but he probably knew.