Scared to death

I I am so lost. Went to doctor for a period that lasted 3 months and counting. I thought menopause playing cruel trick. Anyway scheduled me for a endometrial biopsy and a transnational ultrasound. The pain was worse than giving birth to my children. Then he stopped and said he couldn't do it. My cervix is rock hard and tilted. Immediately told me I have cc and scheduled a cone biopsy for tomorrow. Haven't had time to digest. But my biggest concern at the moment is the horrible pain. I can't go through that again and he doesn't feel we should wait to schedule day surgery. Guess it takes a few to get in. Is it that bad?? Doctor would not look me in the eye as he told me. Made me more nervous. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

i can only assume that the Dr thought it was the best thing to and wants to get you into the system as quick as possible :-) let us know how you get on. Try not to worry and smile. X

Hello sweetheart,

Well it rather sounds as though your experience may turn out to be quite similar to mine. So many other women here spend months and months worrying about whether or not they have cancer and after an enormously long wait they are told, no, it's OK love, you're fine. And if you read most of the posts here the waiting is the worst bit, actually having the cancer isn't as bad as some may fear. Sounds like you're on the fast track which can be quite exhilarating. It may help you to read my story (Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy) and if you want a chat, send me a private message. For the record, my biopsy was done under a GA and didn't hurt a bit.

Be lucky


Hi honey,

sorry you're in this situation. If it helps, I know I wasn't given any anesthetic for my biopsies, but had my lletz under general. I presume you didn't have any for first attempt, but I would have thought you would have at least a local anesthetic for a cone, so the pain should not be the same. 

it doesn't sound as though your doctor has much of a bedside manner. Also don't see that he could give you a firm diagnosis without being able to do a biopsy.

hope it all goes well,

Molly xxx