Scared to death

Today I recieved my smear results. I have always had the all clear everytime. Today I got abnormal.  This is what it read. There were changes to some of the cells of your cervix called high grade dyskaryosis. I been looking all over the internet trying to see what it means. I have worried myself stupid. Im so scared I might have cancer. I know probably seems like Im over reacting. I read that HPV is a sexually transmitted Disease but I have not had any sexual partners in 10yrs so I dont understand how I could possibly have this. And the fact I have high grade is really frightening me.Cry

Hello Snickers, Please, please DON'T GOOGLE any more! it will only frighten you further!  Use this site to get your info on these matters & ask the ladies on here of their experiences.   A lot of ladies with abnormal smear tests go on to have a colposcopy & that takes care of that.  HPV can rear it's head at any time, if you've ever been sexually active in your lifetime.  Most of the time your immune system will take care of it & you will never know you had it.  Sometimes, the body doesn't get rid of it and it can go on to cause the abnormal cells.  Your smear has picked these up so now you should be referred to the Colposcopist for further treatment if necessary.

Hopefully you will have an appointment soon, get it sorted!



Hi Snickers....I also received the same letter and reacted the same way you have. It is very normal to panic. If you read through my posts, you will see that I was a wreck....I have had some really rubbish information given to me by an alleged 'nurse practioner' who scared the living daylights out of me...but I went along to my hospital appointment for colposcopy and the surgeon there was amazing and reassured me abbout high grade dyskariosis (Cin 3). Basically, we have some abnormal cells which, if left, may possibly lead on to cancer. As it says in your letter, this is unlikely, but they are going to remove them because unlike CIN 1, our CIN 3 cells wont go back to normal on their own. In the vast majority of cases, the cells will be removed with the lletz procedure and you will need no further treatment.

When I got my letter, I went to pieces as I have no family to confide in and I hadnt ever heard any friends talk about abnormal smear results, so I assumed I was the only one ever and that something was very wrong. But since I begun talking to clients, it appears that everyone knows someone who has had this treatment and everything has been fine. Every day at my salon, ladies say 'Oh, I had that done about 10 years ago' or 'Oh yes, my sister had that but she was fine'. It really has surprised and reassured me that we aren't alone by any means.

If you need any more information, the wonderful ladies on here will be able to help you and I have done quite a bit of research so message me if you think I could help or support you. I Googled solid for days...and broke my heart over outdated, inaccurate information, so please, please stay away from Google. xxx


I got myself so worried. I phoned my doctor the day after my results and he explained it to me.  When I went to call the clinic to make my appointment for the next tests and I was told the woman who makes appointments was off sick and no 1 else makes the appointments so I have to wait till she comes back. I was not happy atall. This is my life and Im worried sick.

Thanx ladies for replying to me. It really helps to know people care enough to write back.

hi try not to worry and google too much - 2 things i did and strongly regret it not i did nothing but put myself through 3 weeks of constant worry! Im am now 2 weeks after lletz and recieved my results - all removed and to have another smear in 6 months! hope you manage to get an appoitment really soon as the waiting really is the worst! I found playing puzzles etc on my tablet the best way to stop my mind wondering x