Scared that I might have cervical cancer

Hi all, my name is Joanne and I’m 29 years old and live in Kingston upon Hull in England with my two boys Daniel (9) Brandon (6), lately I been worrying that I might have cervical cancer, i had a pap smear test in 2012 that came back normal and at that time I wasn’t feeling ill or having any problems but in 2014 I started having abnormal discharge and bleeding during and after intercourse I went to my doctor and told him about it and he just said it could be to do with stress and sent me away, I made an appointment a few weeks later with the nurse as it had not improved and she said it could be because my youngest son was nearly 10lbs so I could have a tilted cervix I asked if I could have a pap smear but was told I wasn’t due a pap till April 2015 and they would not give me one so I was sent away again. By the august of 2014 I started getting a pain on my right hip that would come and go so thought nothing of it but by January 2015 it started to get more regular and started a dull ache in my lower back, I went back to the doctors and told him what was happening I was at this time still having the discharge and bleeding after intercouse and also I dull period pain like feeling after intercourse too and was also having pain during intercourse, he told me my hip pain was probably wear and tear as I used to go to gym a lot and go running, he give me painkillers and tablets for inflammation. These tablets didnt do anything for tge hip pain and i just had to wait for my pap test which I had in April 2015 and it came back abnormal (this is first abnormal pap I’ve ever had) and there was evidence of HPV infection aswell so I was sent for a colposcopy few weeks later and that came back that the cells showed inflammation and was discharged from the hospital and told to come back in 3 years time for my next routine pap smear. But since then and to this day I am still having discharge and spotting here and there, I have very bad discomfort during intercourse to the point my gritting my teeth and nearly crying, my hip pain has got worse and it has now spread into the lower right abdomen and all along the lower back and I’m started to feel a dull pain in the left side now, the back ache and hip pain gets that bad sometimes I can’t walk properly and the pain is now constant, I’m getting so tired and I’m starting to have pain in my legs not very often but its getting worse and I’ve also gained weight. I changed doctor in december 2015 and i went back about my symptoms and he sent me for an ultrasound internal and external but was told everything looked ok so was sent away. So my doctor is referring me to a gynecologist but my appointment isnt till 23rd February but I feel like the pains getting worse and because my cervix is tilted its reachable so I can check my coil strings ( which I’ve had for 6 years and never any problems with it) but now when I check there is hard bumps on my cervix which wasn’t there before, I’m just so worried that it might be the inflamed cells have got worse and may have turned to cervical cancer, there’s a lot of cancer in my family history and I lost my dad 2 years ago to bowel cancer at the age of 54. I used to be fit and health going to gym, running 4 mile a day and now I can hardly walk properly cos of pain, do you think this could be something to worry about??? Please help I’m scared, any advice is greatly appreciated, sorry for long message, many thanks Jo xx

Hi :) 

I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. It's a horrible and anxious time for anyone and I understand your frustration on feeling as if you're not getting anywhere. I was back and forth to numerous GPS and gyneocologists last year. And no one would listen to me. I was fed up of hearing 'you're only 23 stop worrying!'. 

After reading your experience I would look on it as a positive that you're gaining weight and not losing it. Numerous people have told me that I need to worry if I lose weight. You're obviously gaining weight for a reason (that was meant in the nicest way possible!!)  but I doubt one of those reasons is cancer! And even if it is (and the chances of that are so so tiny) it will more than likely be at an early stage as you only had your colposcopy less than a year ago, and that didn't pick up any abnormalities. 

When you went for a colposcopy and they couldn't see any abnormal cells and put you back on 3 yearly smears, I would look at this as a positive too. If they had any doubt at all I'm sure they would have had you back in 6 months or a year to do a follow up smear. 

It's good that you have a gyneocologist appointment this month. If you're really anxious can you not try and ring the hospital to see if there are any cancellations? Or go back to your gp and really emphasise that you're anxious? They might be able to give it a push too. 

Your hip and leg pain sound similar to mine. I've had them for the last 4 or 5 years and I think it's something to do with my back and nerves. This could maybe be the same for you?

I hope my reply has helped even a tiny bit! I didn't want to just read and run!

Honestly if you're worried do not hesitate to go back to your GP. That's what they're there for and peace of mind is just as important as anything else.

Lots of good luck to you and try to keep smiling xxx  


Thank you so much for you reply, it has helped me its made me calm down a bit and I have made an appointment with my gp today and I'm gonna ask if there's anyway they can rush up my gynecologist appointment just for piece of mind cos I'm not sleeping properly cos of the pain. Yeah I guess its a good sign that I'm putting weight on wish I wasn't don't need anymore weight on lol cos I did lose 5 stone I'm a year and half and now I'm putting it back on its gettingbme down. Thanks again for your comforting message, I'm sorry to hear your going through stressful times as well I wish you all the happiness and health for the future hun xxx

Glad I could help a little bit :) 

I'm so happy you've managed to get a gp appointment. Just try to remember there are 100s of things which it could be - only 1 of them is cancer. 

It sounds as though you need this sorting once and for all. I ended up paying for a private smear test and it was honestly the best decision I made. And my gp was wonderful in putting my refferal through! 

Just be really persistent. It's their job to give you peace of mind and to get you sorted. 

I hope it all goes okay for you at your doctors today :) I will have my fingers crossed for you! 

Lots of love xx 

Thank you, yeah I will calm down and remember that it could be anything not something as serious as cancer, I've been to see my gp she took swabs just to check again for infection and had a feel of the cervix and said it feels like little cysts on my cervix which is normal and I am to just wait for my gynecologist appointment in 4 weeks and in meantime if it comes back any infection they will give me antibiotics. Feeling a lot calmer now and will just try deal with the pain till then. 

Thank you for your kind help, hope all goes well with you too. 

Take care, lots of love Jo xxx