Scared that I might have cervical cancer

Hi all. New to this site, which I found through extensive fear and googling. lol. Anyways,
Some history for you guys: I don’t know if this is important at all or not, I am 30 years old, and I have only had three sexual partners in my lifetime. I’ve been with the same man for the last six years currently, and the last I was with for seven.

I have had two yeast infections, both while pregnant (2006 and 2008). While I was pregnant with my daughter (2006) my obgyn told me I had bacterial vaginosis.

By the next time I had a pap smear just before I got pregnant with my son (2008) it came back normal.

Because I was young and naive I didn’t make annual pap smear appointments, my next one wasn’t until about 2012-2013. That pap resulted in an abnormal cell count. This was at my local health department. Afterwards, I was advised to schedule an appointment for a colposcopy with a specialist. Well, much to my regret now, I didn’t do anything about it. I barely make over minimum wage, have never had health insurance (other than Medicaid while I was pregnant with my children), I just naively chose to disregard it.

Much to my amazement, the next time I went in for a pap, at the same health department (2014-2015), my results came back as normal, or as far as I know, they did, because I wasn’t contacted or talked to about it afterwards. (I went there regularly for birth control)

2014-2015 was the last time I had an exam.
A couple of months ago, and still today, I started experiencing a lot of itching down there. It’s driving me crazy. I am also experiencing very light bleeding, but I do not know if the bleeding is from scratching so much or from something else. Sex isn’t painful, but if I’ve been scratching recently, my urine will burn like hell. Most of the time it doesn’t burn though. My discharge has mostly been clear and watery. To me it smells a bit off, but not necessarily foul.
I thought it may have been a yeast infection at first, I went about two weeks ago and bought an over the counter one day treatment and it hasn’t eased any symptoms, so I have checked that possibility off the list.
I was feeling around a couple of days ago, and then I felt a small, rock hard like ball or lump at the top of my clitoris. Needless to say it scared the crap out of me! I have scheduled a pap for tomorrow at the health department.
If anyone has went through this and has any reassuring words, they will be greatly appreciated. It’s difficult for me to get through the work day right now, as I am constantly thinking about it!
I am worried not following up on a colposcopy has come back to haunt me and I may have cervical cancer!

Hello gamergoddess, sorry no replies back I have a similar situation with the watery clear discharge but no itching or no lumps but I did have a abnormal pap test about 2 years ago which I had a coloscopy and no treatment because it was cin1.I just got one about two weeks ago going tomorrow to hear results and i am super nervous because I feel like I'm still not normal feeling down there like I used to be and I would be devasted to find out that this has progressed..hope all is well with you just wondering if you ever got your coloscopy done