Scared stiff!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

It’s been a very anxious few days, I received my smear results last week and came back high grade dyskaryosis have been booked in for a colposcopy Wednesday 16/12/15 with possible treatment! As many of you have expressed from reading others posts is that this time is completely and utterly terrifying!
I’m only 24 and also a nurse and I think being medically trained has not helped at all as my mind has wandered wildly!

I have found it very difficult to concentrate on anything else lately a part of me simply cannot believe that I’m 24 first smear and this is happening to me! I have colleagues that have also been through this however they have had their treatment under GA! I was wondering is it your personal preference wether to have treatment under local or GA? Or does it depend on the size of the area being removed? As I would prefer not to go under a GA as they frighten me :confused:

I’m hoping everything is going to be ok Wednesday I have convinced myself of all sorts and also feeling so numb and alone everyone is so supportive but the way I feel atm is I could be in a room full of people and still feel alone! Sadly i live away from my mum as I live in north west England and she lives in South Wales and she can’t be with me at the colposcopy but my friend will be there!

I just keep thinking they’ll be startled by how much is there or they have to schedule me for GA because there’s too much and being this close to Christmas also I’m just so so scared and any words of advice or support will be greatly appreciated

Hey leah 

Just thought il pass by and say good luck for tomorrow

I have mine today at 3 and I am bricking it

I've been really down the last 4 weeks lost loads of's like my life has just stopped

Part of ne don't want to go......I have diagnosed myself already with cancer so in my head I have it already thanks to Google. ...

Hopefully it won't be as bad as in thinking it is

Il let you know how it goes when I get back x

Good luck today Sarah! Hopefully it won't be anything like what our minds have run away with! 

We need to believe it's all going to be fine because the last 2 weeks for me I can't s anymore time being the lights are on but nobody is there and I imagine you feel the same 

When I spoke to the cancer research nurses they were really good and said we have done the best thing by going to our smear and getting ourselves sorted out 

let me know how you get on im in at half 3 tomorrow I wish it was bloody 8am!!! 


Loads of love and positive thoughts xxx

Hi Leah 

I know how hard this is but hope you can find comfort in the fact you know others who have had this and how common it really is. Ive been told by my specialists secretary a huge amount of women get CIN yet very few get cancer as its picked up so early. I know how frightening it is but maybe you could call your mum after the colposcopy and have a chat with her about it? My mum didn't come in with me but was lovely afterwards, I've also spoken to friends and colleagues who had the same and felt much better. I know it's hard to accept when they find it in your first smear but CIN is more common in younger women as the cells are more suspectible to change.

They usually recommend GA if you have a large area to be removed or you're really panicky and anxious. It will most likely be done under local though, I'm only having GA as im bricking it so much and told my consultant to "just knock me out!"

Good luck and let us know on here how it went.






I was in your shoes a year ago exactly!

I went in for the colposcopy the day before christmas eve, I went in not thinking much of it and they told me how it could be cancer etc, the told me it didnt look great during the colposcopy but she had seen worse (great!!! i was absolutly terrified!!!) 


They managed to get it all and 6 months later they checked how everythign was looking at all was OK - made me encourage everyonw i could to go to their smear test - I was 27 and never had one before as I was always pregnant when I got the letter or just went in the pile of things to do !

I didnt need a GA, the nurses were lovely - though I should have gone with someone as I was not prepared for it at all!

I found talking to people helped as then you really often find just how common this is and how it seems everyone has something to say about it but its not talked about so you feel alone when it happens to you - not nice :(


Talk to people, stay positive and use the amazing ladies on this website - it helped me so so much!


Lots of love xx

Hi ladies just wanted to let you know went ok biopsy did hurt me but prob cos I was scared 

not sure if I need treatment yet nurse thinks it's cin2 but can be treated under local if I need it 

if she can avoid treatment she said she will cos iv not had kids yet

but she was pretty positive and what I saw on the screen was nowhere near as bad as iv seen pictures of me and stupid googling 

just got 3-4 week wait now for biopsy result so trying not to worry over Christmas 

cried like a baby after first biopsy taken but staff were fantastic 

Aww leah glad it went ok

Hopefully you wouldn't need treatment. ....I have a lletz procedure on Monday as it was originally booked for two weeks time but they had a cancellation so I decided to take it....I just want it all sorted 

Hope your well xxx