:( scared stiff

Well I went to my GP yesterday as I kept phoning them asking why I had another Colposcopy appointment at a different hospital just 4 weeks after my first Colposcopy procedure. My GP told me to go and see him as he had some notes on his screen and he would try his best to explain whats going on!!! To cut a long story short, my biopsy revealed cervical cancer stage 1A1!! I almost fainted....and was almost sick :( what I can remember him saying was it could have all been taken away but I have to have another Colposcopy to make sure, he also mentioned hysterectomy....it was all such a blur I cant remember much, but he said tomorrow will make things much clearer and I will be told treatments that are available for me!!!

I feel like my whole world is crashing down around me :(

Would it be safe for them to do another LLETZ as I only had one 4 weeks ago!! Im so scared whats going to be said tomorrow....I know we are all in the same boat and im so grateful II can talk to people who know what im going through, even though its under horrible circumstances

Jodie xxx

Hi Jodie

Sorry to hear your news.  I hope that your appointment today has indeed made things clearer and given you some reassurance.

It is a tiring and emotional time but there are lots of people here who can listen and help and who have been through what you are experiencing.

Wishing you all the best of luck and sending lots of hugs your way.

Let us know how you get on...

Kirsty x


Hi Jodie-N

I had stage 1A1 in 2008, had LLETZ done, was told i didn't need any further treatment as they were happy there was enough of a margin to say they'd got it all, here i am 5yr later diagnosed with stage 1B1 cervical cancer, been on yearly smears since 2008 and nothing has been detected, if i hadn't had my hysterectomy in Nov 2013 they wouldn't have known about mine until it was too late, my oncology doctor thinks they didn't clear mine in 2008, they should have done LLETZ again with me and went in wider to make sure, don't let this happen to you hun


Mandy xx

Oh my God, thats awful Mandy :( im so sorry to hear that! I got told the cancer is very very early but they also saw CGIN which I am having a LLETZ for on the 4th July, if im found to have CGIN further up then a hysterectomy will be done, I have also been told by my consultant that if im given the all clear and finished having my family (I have a 6 year old) then I will still be offered the hysterectomy, which I will be taking!!! I had moscarriages before my Son and so hes our little miracle anyway, im only 33 but I want to minimise any risk of the cancer coming back or getting worse! Im also going to ask for my ovaries to be removed!! Im a bit worried about the HRT but been reading about it to get prepared!! I would rather be taking HRT then fighting cancer :(

Im so sorry your at this point again xxxx