scared stiff

Hi would like some advise iv noticed that every one who has had a abnormal smear teat are quite young compared to me am 53,  a few weeks ago a test come back as gradehigh dyskaryosis i have to have a colposcopy next week and to say im terrified is an understatement not of just the treetment but what the out come will be because of my age im thinking the worse , the thought of the hole thing just makes me feel sickits bad enough having a smear test but at least thats over and done with in a few mins , my main concern is it it painful any advise would be great thanks 

hi lv try not to worry the colp is same as the smear i had one it lasted about 5 10min i had to have biopsis and i did not feel a thing so try not to get down about it easyer said than done i no xxx

awww linda try not to worry too much about the procedure. i had mine done afew weeks ago and was very nervous not knowing what to expect. but let them know you are uneasy and they should help u along. the woman who did mine was lovely and the nurse that helpped was too. they talked me though everything and it helpped i could watch on the screen i got to see the area of changes for myself so i didnt worry it was more than it was. and my dignity was completle in tact considering i had legs in stirups. good luck. x

thanks ladies for your reply, as the time gets closer, the more nervous i get, I have decided to go and see my doctor to get something to help calm me down, i know what will happen if i dont ,I will take one look at the equipment and run like a baby,lol i know it has to be done so will go ahead with it, just need a bit of help just hoping a biopsy is all they need to do and thats the end of it  Thanks again ladies x


I'm nearer your age group and had a colposcopy and LLETZ in the same appointment. Please don't worry. The nurses are great and talk you through every step. The injections are like little scratches

The only reason mins hurt a little was because the Doctor touched my skin with the electric probe a couple of times and that made me cry out. It's a 10minute procedure at the most.


I was probably more upset at being in a very indignified position looking back now! Everything will be fine - fingers crossed x


Hi they said they may take a biopsy at the same time, no other treetment was mentioned ,dont like the sound of the lletz treetment that sounds horrendous and the thought of them sticking a needle in my cervix fills me with horror im such a pancy lol x w