Scared, should have gone sooner x (children mentioned)

hi ladies, 

So, I'm a nervous wreck at the minute, I should have gone to the doctors sooner, but decided not to listen to my body! I think sometimes life's busy and I hadn't even realised that I waswas two years overdue for my smear. 

Anyway, my periods haven't been right for the past 6-12 months, lasting longer than they should, but a lot of spotting so I can't really call them a proper period. The doctors referred me for an ultrasound and smear. The ultrasound has identified a cyst on my ovary, sounds I have a follow up scan on 27th, and my smear came back as high grade dyskaryosis. I have been booked for a colposcopy on 22nd. I've been spotting for the past week or so and am so scared that I ignored signs and am going to get bad results as a result of not getting screened sooner. 

Anyway, I think my question is really does anyone think that the cyst and high grade dyskaryosis could be linked at all? I'm petrified that it's cc and has spread to my ovary already. 

Some days I'm fine, and then others I'm dreading the news that I won't get to see my kids grow up, I'm 32 with a beautiful 5 year old girl and a very handsome 18 month old boy! 

Thanks for reading xxx

Hi Cleyres


I cannot answer your question as I am not a medical person. I can tell you that when I received my smear results of High Grade Dys that I felt exactly the same as you.


I was scared and angry with myself for putting my smear off.I have a little boy aged 2 and I thought I was going to die and leave him without a mummy. I went for a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and they perfomred a lletz procedure there and then. it was 6 days in total from when I recieved my smear result to when I had my lletz so I panicked as it was so quick. the Consultant w was amazing however I felt the procedure was very painful. im now over two weeks waiting for my results and feel calmer but still anxious.


its hard but please try not to wory- the hospital and doctors no what they are doing and will keep you informed.


If you need to talk I am hear



Thanks for your reply lottied!  I feel a bit better today, just seems like the longestlongest wait in the world! Good luck with your results! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hopefully all will be fine! 

I really appreciate your message xxx

Hi ladies

I had my treatment 2 days ago and already feels like waiting months. Just that awful anxious the pit of your stomach that won't go away. I have 2 kids aged 5 and 2 which makes the whole process worse as I feel will I fail them. I had a colposcopy 11 years ago which didn't panic me much. Then 2004-2012 a smear test yearly. I received the now you can have the smear test 3 yearly letter and now they r abnormal! I think the longer I don't hear the better as less urgent. But it's going to be an agonising wait. Hope you get the results you want. 

Sarah x

Hi Sarah, 

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 

I'm an absolute wreck! I came on a full blown period again today, when I had one about 2 weeks ago. I also had a call today to book me in for an ultrasound on my ovary, and I explained that I already have an appointment booked. I hope that that's not a bad sign that the doctors have the same concern as me that the high grade dyskaryosis and ovary cyst could be linked! Fingers crossed I stop bleeding by next Thursday, as that's when my colposcopy is, can't imagine you can have that whilst bleeding. 

Hope that you are feeling ok, I cannot wait for this to be over xxx

So I went for my colposcopy today, and the nurse carried out a loop excursion or something! She said it is cin2 and they'll check me again in 6 months! I'll get the results back from the biopsy within 4 weeks! 

She also said that the cyst on my ovary will not be related and irregular bleeding is probably due to my implant!  Yay!!! 

Good luck with results everyone, I'm feeling so much better now xxx


Glad you got some reassurance. You must be so relieved. Don't our minds play naughty tricks on us x