Scared scared scared

I had my colposcopy yesterday and was very anxious
The nurses their were lovely and made me feel at ease
She had a look at my cervix and said it looked fine just a few abnormal cells their.
I was too anxious for her to take a biopsy she said I will need treatment, however she would rather do it under GA coz I was too anxious
I asked her what she thought and she said moderate she said she can’t say 100% but she said she’s 99% sure it’s nothing sinister she said if it came back anything sinister she would be very shocked…
That was enough to put me at ease So I went on my way
Today I woke up and rang them because my anxiety levels had gone right down so I thought maybe I could go in today and have my biopsy as I was ready for it
The receptionist rang the nurse and asked her but she said she would rather me come in in 2 weeks and wait for GA co she’s afraid I would freak out

So about 20 mins ago I got a call saying I had to come in urgently for treatment!!!
So now I’m freaking out the lady said I have to come in tomorrow for assessment and then come in on Monday for treatment
I asked her why I’m coming in so soon and she said it’s marked as urgent
So I rang the receptionist at the colposcopy clinic and she said it’s not urgent if it was the nurse would not have told you to wait for biopsy for 2 weeks this morning
I’m just so confused and scared now

Hi Sarah,


I am so sorry you are getting mixed messages - I think as this is so routine for the health professionals they don't realise that we hang off every word they have said and mixed messages like this can really affect us. 


I had my colposcopy on Monday and have been told to wait four weeks for the results but the consultant gave me a letter to give to reception there and then for treatment under ga as it was a large area! I'm now totally freaking out that they are giving me treatment without waiting for the results and feel like he saw something really serious that he didn't tell me about. He too said mine looked moderate but when I asked him about the big c he just said he couldn't be sure! That got me totally freaking out! 


I suppose we just need to try and keep ourselves occupied until we can have treatment and put our trust in their expertise (easier said than done). I hope it all gets sorted out for you - take care and let us know how you get on.


big hugs xx 

TThanks for the reply Torz83

It's such a scary process.....after speaking to the receptionist she said they had a cancellationthat's why they booked me in she said the nurse was quite happy for Me to be seen after Christmas. ..and if the nurse thought it was anything sinister she would not let me wait till then.....

I guess I have to just trust the nurse I guess

Might as well get it out the way.....

But yh I'm still bricking myself

I guess we have to try and be strong...easier said then done


Hope yours goes well


Big hugs xxxx


Hehe! Bricking it is exactly how i have been describing it too!


It sounds really positive that they are getting the treatment done - I would rather get mine out of the way too!


Good luck lovely - thinking of you xx  



Thanks hun will let you know how it goes 

Big hugs xx

Oh Sarah you poor thing 

from what iv read I think they are only putting you as urgent is because your anxious and want to get it over with, maybe if you called they want to get you in so you can stop worrying bless you! 

if it's Monday its all gonna be done all together and over with, I think she's just getting you in because you anxious and most of the time your just slotted in where there's cancellations, maybe she thought cos you rung she's put you in as urgent so you get in quicker just for your nerves hun that's all 

it went ok today iv posted a new thread in the forum if you want to know how it went 

just breathe Hun it's all going to be over Monday cos you cannot do anything after it you'll be treated and it's over 

sending you lots of love xxx

Thanks leah for the message

Yes your right she explained to me it was a cancellation and coz I'm so anxious she wanted me to go on and get it over with

I'm just clinging on to her words stating she 99%sure it's not cancerous and if it did come back she would be extremely shocked 

I guess she knows what she's talking about as she's been doing it for many years

Glad yours went ok

I did actually read your post and commented 

Glad tours went ok 

Big hugs xx

oh bless you! 

at least they've thought of you and put you in quicker it's a lesser of two evils really isn't it they got you in early and it's worrying as to why and then if they made you wait that would have been a harrowing few weeks for you 

just hold on to what that nurse said cos that's all the information that you have right now they said same thing to me and I think if it was that bad they would have treated me then and there today rather than ponder on wether to just keep an eye on me and I'm sure it's the same for you she's told you you need treatment and your all booked in and then it'll all be over because at least you'll have your biopsy and your treatment at the same time so you won't feel a thing and you won't have to wait for your biopsy results either cos they will normally get it all there and then and your biopsy will just confirm what they have taken away then and it's gone poooof! 

very true I genuinely do think if it was a dire situation as in severe cancer she would have seen it and even if it does turn out that it was they would have gotten rid of it as it was probably isolated to that area that they have taken away, from things iv read if a low grade cancer is diagnoses they do the exact same letz procedure as they do with abnormal cells so just think whatever is there it will be gone by time you wake up on Monday! I really do think the nurses are skilled at what they see but I know you must feel you might be that 1% especially if your a glass half empty kind of girl like me but try not to think that way! 

I really know how you feel cos my biopsy might come back as something the nurse couldn't see but we can only just trust what they say to us and hope! I cried like an absolute baby today I never knew at the age of 24 id want to cry and ask my mum to tell the lady to stop....but I did so at least when you have yours you wont feel anything 

I have every confidence that your going to be fine and there's nothing nasty there Sarah I really do xx

Aww thanks leah 

You really know how to make me feel better

Imagine I'm 33 and i feel like I'm 24 and your 33 lol....

This is all new to me I have never in my life felt like I have the last 5 weeks

It's been awful 

I'm glad I'm in the system and I have every faith that WE both will come out fine in the end 

Big hugs x


I get that a lot hahah! Old head people say I have at least it's not my face i guess hah! 

Ye exactly we WILL be fine! I will be thinking of you on Monday when your all sorted and abnormal cell free :) 

Let us know how it goes, I'm here for you if you need me, me and my 33 year old head :) 

lots of love xxx

Thanks leah

And will defo let you know