Scared over severe smear result


I am worried sick because I recently attended my routine smear and have received a result of 'high-grade dyskaryosis / ? Invasive carcinoma.

I have always atteneded my smear appointments and they have always been normal. Everything I read online only talks about experiences of the high-grade dyskaryosis and not the invasive carcinoma. I have recently had my second child 7 months ago and am so scared. Does this mean that it is a full gone conclusion I have cancer because the lab must have seen something to mention the carcinoma part? I have a colposcopy booked for  Thursday this week. 

Hi Dawn,

i am shocked you have received a letter saying this!!! to my knowledge (and I am in no way a medical professional) invasive carcinoma is cancer. But the usual protocol from what I've read and been told that if you have cancer, they will ring you?!! I would ring your gp and speak to them, they will be able to help and advice. I'm so sorry you're going through this :( lots of luck & hugs being sent your way. Xx


It was my GP who has told me. He said they need to do the colposcopy to make sure but I just wanted to see if anyone else had received this result and the carcinoma part had not been present?

Hi there, how confusing, I too am surprised that they gave you this result without calling you in for an appointment to talk about it in person. I had high grade dyskaryosis from smear, turned out to be early cancer (micro invasive carcinoma) but that wasn't found until after I had treatment for the abnormal cells. I would see your gp and get them to tell you exactly what's going on. Keep us updated and sorry you're in this situation xxx



I had my smear the 6th august and within that week had received a phone call saying I needed an urgent appointment. Te letter I received afterwards didn't give me any indication what was wrong. Go to my appointment and the smear result was ?incasive carcinoma. No mention of high grade just he carcinoma bit.


the gp made no effort to tell me before my appointment, so was a massive shock. Especially at 25.


i had Lletz at my colposcopy app, 2.5 weeks ago and am waiting for my results. So can't advise you further...but I too had had difficulty finding people who hacd the cancer cells found on the smear, by just dyskarious.


hope all goes ok, and it's the lab being over cautious xx





*not just dyskarious


I just wanted to post in response after receiving my results rather than not returning to the site.

I today was told my official diagnosis and even though it is the news we all dread, the information relayed to me  was actually really positive and made me feel care had been invested in my case. The importance of attending regular smear tests is top priority and something I shall always relay to those who I care and love, in addition to those asking for advice.